Q&A with Nabhaan Rizwan on Juice

Q&A with Nabhaan Rizwan on Juice

Q&A with Nabhaan Rizwan on Juice

How would you describe Juice?

A surreal exploration of family history told through funky costumes and excellent bowl-cut wigs.

What can you tell us about your character Isaac?

Isaac is an avant-garde, socialist fashion icon with little direction in his life. A bit too cool for school (or employment) but he’s soon to find what really matters to him.

What did you think when you first read the script?

“I didn’t know Mawaan could spell” was the first thought. And then thinking I’ve got a good shot at playing his brother. I think it’s really smart how he and Emily Lloyd-Saini (who plays Winnie and co-wrote episode 4) contorted reality to make it funnier, and growing up was pretty funny.

What was it like working with your brother and mother?

Brotherly and motherly. I think we all had a few “What are you doing at my work?” moments but after that it was pretty chill. We all like to sneak in a tea to sip between takes.

Have you worked together before?

My brother used to put us in his YouTube videos, which gained some notoriety. But we’re calling this the first official collab, with hopefully more to come.

Do you have a favourite episode or scene from the series?

Episode 5. It’s pure magic.

Any funny moments from set?

Every time Jeff Mirza walked on set. The height difference between him and my mum is comedy gold.

Did you get to keep any of the props?

I tried for the tin foil sword from Farida’s ‘War Horse’ adaptation. There was understandably an age restriction on that.

Why should viewers tune in and watch Juice?

To witness a sharp take on work, family, and relationships with a cameo from Brown Elvis himself. The TV licence pays off here. 

BBC Three

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