About Us

Founded in 2007 and based in the United Kingdom, News on News is a specialist online news publication reporting on the media industry around the world.

As well as breaking news, News on News also takes an in-depth look at issues affecting the news media and analyses events within the industry.


originalsite - About Us
Original World Business News website from early 2008

News on News was launched as “World Business News” on September 20th 2007 by Kevin Coy, in the midst of the World Financial Crisis which was gripping the markets globally. Originally planned to be a site reporting on what the World’s business news channels were reporting, World Business News quickly developed into a news and information resource for the wider business media. Covering news and information about news and business television channels, radio stations, newspapers and websites, the scope of the website has expanded dramatically.

In September 2009, World Business News integrated its sister site, Political Skew in an effort to link financial news reporting with the political fallout it causes and vice versa. The site has also grown in stature, covering more and more business and economic news and information resources than ever, including book, media and website reviews and information. As a result of its expansion, the site was re-branded as World Television and Business News (WTBN).

NewsOnNews 1stsite 2010 - About Us
The first site of News on News after transitioning from a blog to a news website.

World Television and Business News developed a television and radio directory, listing the World’s television news and business channels, their past and present presenters and programming.

As the site continued to expand, covering general news channels around the world as much as business channels, and introducing more general news reporting, a complete re-branding of the site commenced in late November 2009.

The site was re-branded to News on News, to better reflect its focus on the news media, and the rapidly changing ways in which audiences accessed current affairs information.


News on News has changed dramatically over its first decade online, going from a basic blog to a fully-fledged news outlet in its own right.  As the industry continues to dramatically change, News on News is at the forefront of covering those changes.