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News on News offers a wide range of cost effective sponsorship and advertising opportunities, with a key focus on matching your brand requirements, with our ability to target subject specifics.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Our sponsorship opportunities provide you with the opportunity to enjoy exclusive exposure across a whole category or topic, with only your creatives appearing on the selected areas of the site.

Category Sponsorship

News on News’ category sponsorship drives your brand across a wide range of our audience within a specific category of our site. Category sponsorship will see your branding and creatives displayed exclusively across that category’s main page, its sub-categories, and also all news articles associated with that category.

Topic Sponsorship

Our lowest price way to sponsor a section of the News on News site, a topic sponsorship hands you exclusive use of the creative spots on a topic main page. (Please note, topic sponsorship does not include creative spots in articles, but only the topic page itself). Topic pages are the starting point on our website for specific subjects, for example a specific television or radio station.

Topic sponsorship is a great way for brand owners to fully maximise an audience that is specifically viewing News on News for news and information on that very brand, driving further exposure through our creative positions to that audience.

Sitewide Banner Advertising

Exclusive Advertising Model

Exclusively control a creative position across the whole News on News (excluding categories or topics already engaged in sponsorship opportunities – these will be disclosed to you at the time of ordering), for a specified period. News on News will create a specific campaign suited to your requirements within our campaign models of 1 day, 1 week, or multiple weeks. Discounts are available for month-long campaigns.

CPM Advertising Model

Your creatives will be displayed across the News on News site for a specific number of views. This model does not carry any time restrictions and your creatives will remain in rotation until the specified number of views has been reached.

Sponsored Advertorial Articles

Reach our audience with an advertorial article, placed within our main news reporting (all advertorial/sponsored articles are clearly marked as such in order to differentiate them from general articles).

Either pre-written by you, or produced to high journalistic standards by News on News, your article will appear in the category and topics relevant to the subject of your article (pre-agreed with you).

Bespoke Solutions

Looking for a specific solution that hasn’t been mentioned here?  Already got a campaign you want to run that doesn’t fall into any of our categories?  Feel free to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you and are more than happy to put together a solution that suits your specific needs and budget!

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For a no obligation chat, to enquire about any of our solutions, or if you are looking for something not listed here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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