Q&A with Alan Carr on Picture Slam

Q&A with Alan Carr on Picture Slam

Q&A with Alan Carr on Picture Slam

Alan Carr’s Picture Slam is a brand new show – what’s the game and how do you play?

This is the quiz where every question is a picture, and all you have to do is name them. It’s simple to play and so much fun yet can get bloody frustrating when your knowledge is put to the test with these pictures. From faces, places and brands you see every day to nostalgia you fondly remember, from food you would never eat to garden tools you’ve seen but never used – you need to know something about everything.

In each round contestants face a line-up of pictures, each correct answer banks them cash, but to win the big money they need to get them all right and if they do that, they’ve got a Picture Slam! The number and variety of pictures gets bigger with each round and the pressure of doing it against the clock means contestants say wonderfully strange answers – it is shout at the TV Saturday night fun!

This is the first time you’ve been at the helm of a Saturday evening BBC quiz show, how do you feel about it?

Firstly it’s a real honour to be given a Saturday evening show on the BBC, let’s face it, it’s every presenter’s dream. You just don’t want to let anyone down, but there was so much laughter and joy when we filmed it that I think that sense of silliness is going to just come through the TV screen and get everyone excited about it. It’s a silly word to use for a show, but it’s quite lovable.

What was it about the show that made you want to present it?

I loved the madcap nature of the show and you just can’t help but shout the answer when you see a picture. There wasn’t a huge list of rules to learn, it was instantly accessible, like all the contemporary quiz shows, Tipping Point, The Chase or Pointless, they all have one thing in common, they are easy to follow and have that play-a-long-ability. Of course there are going to be naysayers, there always are when a new show comes on the screens but I bet after ten minutes they’ll be shouting at the screens ‘Athens’, ‘Whisk’ ‘Floella Benjamin’

Are there any funny stories from filming or any funny wrong answers you can tease?

Well, I don’t want to give away any of the gags but when you’re under pressure, the mouth goes into gear before the brain does, so there were some right corkers. For me it’s when people don’t recognise historical figures, or cultural icons and shout out names by thinking they’re a soap star or someone a bit low rent. Thank God they aren’t alive to watch the show, there will be some bruised egos I can tell you.

Were there any stand out contestants for you?

We had some right old characters on the show, they were a real eclectic bunch from all walks of life, and as the show isn’t just about knowledge and facts, it’s also about keeping cool under pressure, so you never really knew who was going to win. It was the people who knew a little about a lot rather than an egghead that went home with the big cash prize.

You filmed in Glasgow, What’s your favourite thing about the city?

I’ve been to Glasgow loads of times with my stand up tours so I know it pretty well, you must go to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery even if it’s just to see the beautiful building. I’ve played both the Hydro and the gorgeous King’s Theatre. Speaking of the King’s Theatre, it was upon that very stage that I high kicked during my act and tore my calf muscle and had to perform with a crutch, so it was nice to be back in Glasgow and not be hobbling.

How do you think you would do if you played Alan Carr’s Picture Slam?

Awful, I am useless under pressure, my mind goes blank and I start sweating everywhere. I would be leaving penniless and smelling of BO.

How will the show look and feel different to other entertainment quizzes out there?

The graphics on the show are rather clever, they have taken 2D pictures and made them look 3D on a massive screen– everything feels larger than life. Plus, the pace of the show is like a white-knuckle ride, you really don’t have time to think, it will get your heart and your mind racing!

This show doesn’t include celebrities but if it did, who would you like to come on and why?

I think Keith Lemon would be great on the show, it’s so mad and random and he has such a crazy mind that he would be perfect for it.

Can you describe the show in three words?

Exciting. Fun. Nostalgic.

Finally why do you think viewers should tune in to watch?

I think families are going to love it. Tonally it’s perfect Saturday viewing that’s going to set you up for the evening. Everything is covered. 60’s up until the present day, music, flags, brands, cultural icons you name it, it might well pop up on the screen. It’s one of those quizzes that’s doesn’t make you feel stupid – anyone can play along, it’s so inclusive.


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