Do you know your cloud from your algorithm? And what exactly is AI?

Do you know your cloud from your algorithm? And what exactly is AI?

Following the success of Understand: The Economy, BBC Radio 4 brings listeners Understand: Tech and AI.

Can Chat GTP answer all my questions? Will AI eventually replace people’s jobs? Should we trust cryptocurrencies? With the rise of AI and increasingly advanced technology, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the ever-evolving digital world around us. Technology has already completely altered our lives over the last few centuries, and Artificial Intelligence may transform our future to an even greater degree. Presenter Spencer Kelly hosts a new podcast Understand: Tech and AI and explores some of the big questions to help make sense of this often seemingly complex subject.

In the series, Spencer tackles issues like explaining how AI works, Virtual and Augmented Reality and the Metaverse, Digital Currencies and many more, with each episode of this 10-part series explaining a new topic.

Spencer Kelly says: “We’re living through really exciting times – there seems to be new developments happening all the time – especially now AI seems to have exploded into public consciousness. It’s ever-more important for us to understand where these technological enhancements are coming from and how we can best use them. The tech industry can be guilty of using a buzzword or two, so I hope the listeners will find this series really interesting and that we can explain some things that people have been struggling to understand.”

All 10 episodes of Understand: Tech and AI will be broadcast daily on BBC Radio 4 Monday-Friday starting 3 of July and will also be available to listen on BBC Sounds.

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