Kingdumb To Release Huge New Mixtape, “Eternally Never”

Kingdumb To Release Huge New Mixtape, “Eternally Never”

Get ready to be catapulted into electronic ecstasy as the Swindon-based producer, Kingdumb, unleashes the explosive force of his latest mixtape, “Eternally Never,” hitting the airwaves with a bang on January 12th.

Kingdumb, the rising name in the scene, has been an unstoppable force in the electronic music scene over recent years, and with “Eternally Never,” he’s not just turning up the volume but cranking the adrenaline to the max. This 12-track powerhouse isn’t just a taste; it’s a thunderous preview of the sounds that await with his new album.

Each track on “Eternally Never” is as infectious as the next! Also, Kingdumb’s production quality leaves an immediate impression as he delivers beats that drop so intense that even the sternest will find themselves surrendering! The vocals also wrap themselves atop fist-pumping rhythms, and the myriad of emerging textures create a driving force impossible to refuse.

So, whether you are an electronic music fan or a casual listener, you are in for a treat with “Eternally Never,” the new mixtape by Kingdumb, out on January 12th.

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