Grime Kids – Meet Kai

Grime Kids - Meet Kai

Grime Kids – Meet Kai

Why do you think it’s important to tell this story?

There’s a reason why we’re the way that we are now- why we dress how we do, why we talk how we do, why our music sounds how it does. It’s a great insight into the culture of London and the beginnings of grime and where it all started. Garage was very underground and not something that everyone was listening to, so it’s interesting to see how it all began and the changes from then and now.

Can you tell us what the series is about and where we first meet your characters?

So the story is essentially about five sixteen-year-old boys. It’s their last day of school in year 11, so the start of the summer. It’s them kind of discovering themselves and somewhat planning their future ahead. They’ve decided to create a garage group called The Gladiators and the foundation of the story is what they aim to become with lots of interesting character arcs.

What can you tell us about your character, Kai?

Kai is the newcomer of the group of friends. Him and Dane were best friends in the past when they were around 12 years old but because of certain family issues they were separated for about five years. Episode one is kind of Kai’s introduction back to East London and into the area of Bow where he’s reunited with Dane and that’s where their story starts off. In terms of togetherness, where he is trying to impress his newfound friends, at the same time he’s trying to focus on his image and how he’s perceived. So some of the decisions he does decide to make somewhat go against them being one and being a unit, but I think that’s all a part of Kai’s journey and his character arc and how he ends up at the end of the show. I think he feels like he has something to prove in a sense, because nobody really knows exactly who he is or where he’s come from. It’s a way for him to rebrand, to make an impression of himself and build his image with his new friends. In three words, I would say charismatic, confident and insecure.

Who do you think has the best wardrobe in the show?

What, other than myself?! I can’t pick me! (laughs). Dane’s costumes are quite sick in certain scenes. He has a scene at Mic of the Manor which is where he performs for the open mic performance and he’s wearing this sick coat that I love.

What was your favourite location during filming?

My favourite location was Tanika’s party. It was like living in a 2001 house party and seeing the set up was like how they would have had it. I literally felt like I was sent back in time. You start off with the script, right, so you’re just reading where you’re meant to be and how it’s meant to look but when you’re actually get there, you see the transition from paper to reality. It’s mind-blowing to see!

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