Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Hokee Wolf III: The Massacre Shoshone” By Author Clark Viehweg

Beacon Audiobooks Releases “Hokee Wolf III: The Massacre Shoshone” By Author Clark Viehweg

The tribal council hires Hokee to find missing reservation children. What he discovers is an evil business encompassing all humanity. Kidnapping, pedophilia and human trafficking take Hokee from America to the sands of Sahara where he nearly loses his life.

A New York investigative reporter, Gloria Bingham is recruited to help Hokee take down the most successful madam in Paris, enjoying both political and police protection. The police, aided by those whose reputations are in peril, set a trap to kill Hokee and Gloria.

Killers are sent to Pocatello, Idaho, where they torture and nearly kill Hilda, Hokee’s office manager, to learn his location in order to kill him and Gloria before they can expose the people involved.

Leaving a trail of dead bodies from Houston, Texas through Africa and France, Hokee relentlessly searches for the missing Indian children and the power behind human trafficking. Surviving yet another attempt on his life, Hokee returns home to find his office wrecked and a nearly-dead assistant.

With the aid of Curly, his deputy sheriff friend, and Shila a pet wolf, Hokee locates and disposes of the Idaho killers in McCammon’s bottomless hole.

Gloria’s expose’ on human trafficking is a success as Hokee realizes the city girl is not meant for Pocatello… He still has Shila, his best friend.

Beacon Audiobooks has just released “Hokee Wolf III: The Massacre Shoshone” written by author Clark Viehweg and narrated by Steven Ragsdale.

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