Zachary Pincus-Roth named Senior Editor for Style

Zachary Pincus-Roth named Senior Editor for Style

We are pleased to share the news that Zachary Pincus-Roth will become senior editor for Style, where he will help Ben Williams and Hank Stuever oversee Style’s continuous flow of feature and news stories. In this role, Zach will also orchestrate our daily print section and help organize our process as Style quickly moves toward its September relaunch.

Many people across the newsroom are familiar with Zach’s enthusiasm and collegiality, whether in daily news meetings, the weekly priorities meeting or even just meetings about meetings, where Zach has proved himself as an effective emissary from Features and keeps us sharp on the latest best practices for publishing stories and increasing traffic. We are hoping to capitalize on Zach’s talents for organizing, planning and working with the rest of the newsroom, while continuing to benefit from his skills as a story editor of all forms, from breaking news and LUF awards-show mayhem to long-form profiles and projects.

Zach, who grew up in Chevy Chase, Md., and graduated from Princeton University, joined The Post in 2016 as Style’s pop culture editor and later became a general-assignment editor. Before coming to The Post, Zach was an editor at L.A. Weekly for five years and contributed to the New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Slate, among others. He is also the author of the companion book to the Broadway hit “Avenue Q.”

Zach’s own writing for The Post includes an oral history about the comedy legends who got their big break in the 1972 Toronto production of “Godspell”; a chronicle of his cross-country journey to see “A Christmas Carol” in eight cities; a piece on the melancholy ways liberals binge-watched “West Wing” reruns during the Trump years; a story about people who started talking to themselves more during the pandemic; and a report from the 25th anniversary celebration for “The Shawshank Redemption” at the prison where it was filmed. Zach is always eager to brainstorm story ideas and good at seeing the best of them through to publication, as with his recent effort to conceive and wrangle our imaginative coverage of this summer’s cultural blockbuster, “Barbie.”

We are grateful for Zach’s dedication to Style during this period of transformation and change; his new role begins immediately.

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