What’s new to watch on BBC iPlayer?

What's new to watch on BBC iPlayer?

New on BBC iPlayer this week (29 July to 4 August) we have Wolf, a new drama based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels.

Shadow of Truth forensically examines the mysterious murder of Israeli teen Tair Rada in 2006, and Clean Sweep tells the story of an ordinary housewife whose past comes back to haunt her.

Celebrity MasterChef is also back for a new series, which is set to be hotter than ever. And finally, blur at the BBC offers up a collection of blur’s greatest performances on the BBC, delivering all the hits and more.

What’s coming new to BBC iPlayer this week?


Obsessed with the neighbour he believes murdered his 10 year old brother in the 90s, DI Jack Caffery finds himself trying to right the wrongs of others but at what cost? New drama based on Mo Hayder’s acclaimed Jack Caffery novels .

In an isolated house in Monmouthshire, the wealthy Anchor Ferrers family find themselves the victims of a psychopath’s cruel games, trapped and terrorised. When the two narratives collide, it’s a thrilling, nail biting and deeply disturbing race against time.

Watch Wolf as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from Monday 31 July below.

Shadow of Truth

This documentary series forensically examines the mysterious murder of Israeli teen Tair Rada in 2006.

The brutal case sparked widespread conspiracy theories and threw the integrity of the entire justice system into doubt.

Watch Shadow of Truth as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from Monday 31 July below.

Clean Sweep

Inspired by true events, Clean Sweep follows a seemingly ordinary housewife, Shelly Mohan, a mother of three married to a Garda detective. On the surface, all seems normal until her dark past comes back to haunt her.

Shelly makes the fatal decision to kill her former partner in crime when he resurfaces and threatens to expose her. Shelly’s detective husband is assigned the job to find the killer. The pressures mount as the noose tightens, all while Shelly is also trying to deal with her unfaithful husband and an ailing son.

Watch Clean Sweep as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 29 July below.

Celebrity MasterChef

The ever-popular Celebrity MasterChef is back on BBC One for its 18th series and this summer is set to get even hotter, as the who’s who of music, comedy, drama and showbusiness battle it out to become the Celebrity MasterChef 2023 Champion.

Across six weeks, judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace will be putting their own taste buds through a sensory assault course, as they discover which celebrities have the palate and skill to chop, slice and sizzle their way to lifting the iconic Celebrity MasterChef trophy.

Watch Celebrity MasterChef on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 2 August

blur at the BBC

Over the years, Damon, Graham, Alex and Dave have helped to change the face of British music, constantly evolving and leaving musical rivals in their wake. This collection of blur’s greatest performances on the BBC delivers all the hits and more, capturing the band’s crowd-pleasing side through fan favourites like Country House, Parklife, and Girls and Boys, as well as their more sensitive and soulful side with tracks including Coffee + TV, Beetlebum, Tender and Out of Time.

Watch Blur at the BBC on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 29 July below.

What’s new to watch on BBC iPlayer now?

Dreaming Whilst Black

Kwabena is an aspiring film-maker working a dead-end job in recruitment. When he bumps into Amy, an old friend from film school who has just returned from three years in Nigeria, she offers to pass his script, Jamaica Road, to the development team at the production company where she works.

But life isn’t as simple as all that, and Kwabena may have to make some sacrifices in order to pursue his dream.

Watch Dreaming Whilst Black as a boxset from Monday 24 July on BBC iPlayer.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under

All the Queen’s with RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under in bold text and pirate aesthetic background
Mama Ru returns as ten new queens from all across Australia and New Zealand compete for the title of Down Under’s Next Drag Superstar!

For their first challenge, the queens throw a Mardi Gras Pride-themed celebration on the main stage.

Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under from Friday 28 July on BBC iPlayer
Both previous series streaming now.

Gaia: A Death On Dancing Ledge

Gaia: A Death on Dancing Ledge sees Zara McDermott in Dorset to attempt to understand and shed light on the tragic circumstances around the death of 19-year-old Gaia Pope-Sutherland in 2017.

Rumours about what happened to Gaia still stir up strong feelings in the small town of Swanage where she lived. Some people believed she was kidnapped, others that she was murdered. Over three episodes, the events that led up to Gaia’s death are tracked, with the numerous failings and oversights by officials, including the police and health care professionals, involved in her care being brought to the fore. The documentary hears directly from Gaia’s family and friends about her life and examines what needs to change in the future.

Watch Gaia: A Death On Dancing Ledge as a boxset from Tuesday 25 July on BBC iPlayer.

The Power of Parker

Stockport, 1990. Wannabe business guru Martin Parker has a perfect life and a flash car. But wife Diane and mistress Kath could put a spanner in the works. Comedy with Sian Gibson.

Kath is planning her anniversary celebrations, while Diane is worried she’s not got enough cheese for the soiree she’s organising for the ‘French exchange people’.

Meanwhile, Martin is under financial pressure and needs to make some big decisions – decisions that will end up impacting him and everyone close to him.

Watch The Power Of Parker as a boxset from Friday 28 July on BBC iPlayer.

Reframed: Marilyn Monroe

The face you know, the story you don’t. Immortalised as a sex icon, dismissed as a tragic victim – in reality she was a woman brimming with feminism, sexuality and power.

Watch Reframed: Marilyn Monroe as a boxset from Friday 28 July on BBC iPlayer.

Electric Cars: What They Really Mean For You

Cars are an essential part of life for many of us. But new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from sale in 2030 to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Electric cars are selling fast, but are not without controversy.

Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s climate editor, explores if the UK is on track to hit the government’s targets to stop emitting greenhouse gases by 2050.

Presenter Michelle Ackerley investigates the frustrations people face trying to charge their electric cars. She explores the difficulties in building the UK’s charging infrastructure and why it’s not happening fast enough.

Environmental scientist Dr Tara Shine questions the cost of electric cars and meets battery experts to understand the global forces that will affect prices for decades to come.

Watch Electric Cars: What They Really Mean For You as a boxset from Tuesday 25 July on BBC iPlayer.

David Harewood On Blackface

At its peak, The Black and White Minstrel Show was watched by a Saturday night audience of more than 20 million people. David Harewood goes on a mission to understand the roots of this strange, intensely problematic cultural form: where did the show come from, and what made it popular for so long?

With the help of historians, actors and musicians, David uncovers how, at its core, blackface minstrelsy was simply an attempt to make racism into an art form – and can be traced back to a name and a date.

Watch David Harewood On Blackface from Thursday 27 July on BBC iPlayer.

Home Sweet Rome!

Home Sweet Rome!, based on a concept by the creator of Hannah Montana, Michael Poryes, launches in the UK on Monday 24 July on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

The comedy drama focuses on 13-year-old Lucy (Kensington Tallman), who moves from America to start a new life in Rome with her dad (Darrin Rose), an archaeologist, and stepmother Francesca (Eleonora Facchini), a famous Italian pop star.

Lucy will have to adapt to these big changes whilst navigating through all the growing pains of being a teenager – not easy when her best friend Kyla (Ava Ro) is now 6000 miles away.

With new friends, amazing food and haute fashion, Lucy’s adventures abroad begin as, with Francesca’s help, she embraces her love for music and launches her own path to pop stardom.

Watch Home Sweet Rome! from Monday 24 July on BBC iPlayer below.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is here, and from 20 July fans can stream matches live on BBC iPlayer, including the curtain raiser between New Zealand and Norway, as well as England’s crucial group game against Denmark.

Check out the group stage fixtures

Watch the Women’s World Cup on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 20 July

World on Fire

Watch the trailer for World on Fire series two below.

  1. RAF pilots are sent to destroy German bombers prowling the skies above Manchester, with rescue operations underway on the streets below. The true reality of war has arrived in Britain.

Telling the story of World War Two through the eyes of ordinary people, following intrepid young heroes fighting for freedom, World on Fire series two will take viewers from the war-torn streets of Britain deep into Nazi Germany, the resistance within occupied France, and the brutal sands of the North African desert – where troops struggle to adapt to a very different kind of combat.

Watch World on Fire series 2 on BBC iPlayer from Sunday 16 July
Watch World on Fire series 1 on BBC iPlayer now below.

University Challenge

Watch Amol Rajan in action ahead of University Challenge’s return to BBC Two and BBC iPlayer

Amol Rajan asks the questions as students from across the UK face the most fiendish of tests.

In the opening heat, Trinity College, Cambridge, face the University of Manchester for a place in the second round. We’ll see moments of huge tension, flashes of genius, and brilliant starters and bonuses that will have viewers joining in and shouting at their screens.

Watch University Challenge from on BBC iPlayer Monday 17 July


This ground-breaking series for BBC Two and iPlayer tells the astonishing four and a half billion year story of the planet we call home: Earth. Chris Packham uses the latest science to take viewers on a journey through Earth’s most epic moments – a jaw-dropping catalogue of dramatic upheaval from the first seconds of the planet’s existence to the arrival of its most impactful inhabitants, us.

From massive asteroid bombardments to extreme changes in climate and collisions of whole continents, immersive cutting-edge CGI allows us to witness the critical moments when Earth’s future, and the life it nurtured, hung in the balance.

Each episode tells the story of a pivotal epoch as evolving landscapes and ecosystems faced seemingly insurmountable challenges and breath-taking transitions, including the formation of our life-sustaining atmosphere, the era of lava lakes the size of Australia, and the catastrophic freezing of the entire planet.

Watch Earth on BBC iPlayer from Monday 17 July

The Sixth Commandment

Watch the trailer for The Sixth Commandment

The Sixth Commandment is a brand new four-part true crime drama which explores the deaths of Peter Farquhar and Ann Moore-Martin in the village of Maids Moreton, Buckinghamshire, and the extraordinary events that unfolded over the following years.

The Sixth Commandment tells the story of how the meeting of an inspirational teacher, Peter Farquhar (Timothy Spall) and a charismatic student, Ben Field (Éanna Hardwicke), set the stage for one of the most complex and confounding criminal cases in recent memory.

It also focuses on how suspicions around Field’s relationship with Ann Moore-Martin (Anne Reid), Peter’s deeply religious neighbour, unlocked a series of chilling revelations.

Watch The Sixth Commandment on BBC iPlayer from Monday 17 July

Couples Therapy

Real lives, real therapy. Dr Orna Guralnik welcomes couples wanting to save their relationships. Follow the emotional struggles and successes in riveting, raw reality.

Four new couples begin sessions with Dr Orna Guralnik. Brock and Kristi unpack their Mormon upbringing as they search for a new foundation. Josh struggles with Natasha’s lack of intimacy. Christine transitions from a non-monogamous relationship to a poly one with Nadine. Sean shows Orna the meaning of the word ‘gaslighting.’

Watch new episodes of Couples Therapy on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 20 July


It’s October 1986 and civil war threatens to destroy the Saint family. Louie has taken over Franklin’s role as Teddy’s sole buyer, undercutting her nephew and creating a competing empire in the process. In desperation, having had all his funds wiped out by Teddy McDonald, Franklin has robbed Louie and Jerome. Faced with losing everyone he loves and everything he’s built, coming out on top again will mean out-manoeuvring his family as well as the KGB, the DEA, the CIA and the LAPD. When everyone has their backs against the wall, who will they become in order to survive?

Watch Snowfall series 6 in full on BBC iPlayer from Thursday 13 July
Watch Snowfall Series 3-5 on BBC iPlayer now

The Traitors Australia

Welcome to a most, deliciously, dangerous game of lies, deception and betrayal. Do the Faithfuls have what it takes, to eliminate the Traitors? Or will the skulduggery of the Traitors see the Faithfuls eliminate one of their own.

Rodger Corser joins as host of the manor. 24 strangers will meet for the first time and band together to win up to a quarter million in solid silver bars. Moments after getting acquainted, four players will be selected as the Traitors, the other 20 will be the Faithful.

Only the Traitors know who’s who, and by night, they will meet together in Traitors Tower to murder an innocent Faithful. However, the Traitors aren’t safe either. Each evening, in the Banishment ceremony, the Faithful have an opportunity to vote out a Traitor.

But if they can’t see through the Traitors’ lies, they could end up eliminating one of their own. In the end, there can only be one winner of the quarter million solid silver.

Watch The Traitors Australia in full on BBC iPlayer from Sunday 9 July
Watch The Traitors UK on BBC iPlayer now
Watch The Traitors US on BBC iPlayer now

Murder on the Blackpool Express

The cast of Murder on the Blackpool Express assemble in front of a coach. Blackpool Tower is visible in the background.

Murder Mystery writer David Van Der Clane (Griff Rhys Jones) is a household name, but things start to go horribly wrong for him when his superfans start getting bumped off during a book tour he’s set up with coach tour operator Gemma Draper (Sian Gibson). As our selection of sleuthing misfits visit the infamous settings of David’s novels it’s soon clear that the murders they love to read about are gradually becoming all too real.

Are the deaths all just an unfortunate coincidence or is there a real life murderer in their midst? Everyone has something to hide and as tensions rise everyone becomes a suspect. With the police being wholly unhelpful the tour’s only hope of catching the killer rests in the hands of the coach driver Terry (Johnny Vegas)… unless of course he’s actually to blame!

Watch Murder on the Blackpool Express on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 12 July
Death on the Tyne and Dial M for Middlesbrough will follow

Joe Swash: Teens in Care

Over the years, Joe Swash’s magnetic personality has endeared him to millions of TV viewers, but now he is delving into something more serious, and more personal.

This documentary follows Joe as he explores the stories of teens in care over the age of 16, the largest-growing cohort in both child protection and care. His motivation is deeply personal. It’s an issue that is close to his and his family’s heart, as his mum, Kiffy, has been a foster carer for over 15 years.

Joe wants to spend time with teens across the UK, who live in foster care, in residential children’s homes, and some who left at 18 and are trying to make it alone, to show what growing up as a teenager in care is really like.

His journey of discovery follows the long-awaited publication of the Independent Review of Children’s Social Care, which promises a ‘once-in-a-generation opportunity to transform the children’s social care system’. But can it really get to the root of the problems facing teens in care?

Through this experience, Joe also sees at first hand the work of foster carers and the army of frontline workers dedicated to helping teens in care, as he seeks to find out how some of the issues they encounter in the care system might be tackled better.

Watch Joe Swash: Teens in Care on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 11 July

Wireless Festival 2023 Best Bits

Highlights from what promises to be a hit-packed, high-energy weekend in London’s Finsbury Park. The event will feature some of the biggest stars of rap, hip-hop and R&B, from US hitmakers to huge homegrown names, in front of some of the most dedicated festival fans in the world.

If history is anything to go by, there’s bound to be surprises aplenty, making this an unmissable date on the summer music calendar.

Watch the Wireless Festival 2023 Best Bits on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 12 July


TRNSMT is written multiple times in bold fuschia letters on a light blue background
From Glasgow Green, music festival TRNSMT returns for another year.

BBC iPlayer will have full sets available to watch on-demand from the festival, including performances from George Ezra, Cat Burns, Dundonian indie-legends The View, Paul Heaton and a highly anticipated TRNSMT debut from Niall Horan. Across the weekend viewers will be able to watch sets from the likes of pop sensation Maisie Peters and the legendary Kasabian, plus Scotland’s own LF System and Brooke Combe. That’s not to mention chart topper Mimi Webb and Saturday’s headliner, the one and only Sam Fender.

Plus, Jamie Webster’s Main Stage debut, Becky Hill’s dancefloor anthems and Royal Blood’s modern rock. Nothing But Thieves headline the King Tut’s Stage. Closing TRNSMT this year are one of Britain’s biggest bands, The 1975.

Watch full sets and highlights from TRNSMT from Saturday 8 July and across the weekend on BBC iPlayer


Champion in bold text. four cast members in middle two singing, two looking in opposite ways. speakers at the bottom and two hummingbirds

Champion is the first TV project from Candice Carty-Williams, author of The Sunday Times bestselling novels Queenie and People Person.

Rap sensation Bosco Champion is home from prison, and ready to dominate the music industry once more. But when his dutiful younger sister Vita’s own talent is discovered by Bosco’s rival, she steps out of her brother’s shadow to become a performer in her own right, setting the Champion siblings against one another and tearing apart the whole family in the process.

A love letter to Black British music set in south London, Champion is a celebration of a sound that has long been the beating heart of our culture. Featuring original music written and produced by some of the leading musicians this country has to offer including Ray BLK, Ghetts and more.

Sibling rivalry never sounded so epic.

Watch Champion on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 1 July

Awkwafina is Nora from Queens

The filthy, funny slacker comedy starring American actress and rapper Awkwafina returns for a much anticipated third series. Nora’s been having nightmares but isn’t sure why, and is afraid to tell her family. Wally gets fired right before he’s expecting to propose to Brenda. Grandma’s acquaintance passes away, and we see her feeling old. Edmund enjoys success as an actor.

Watch series 3 of Awkwafina is Nora from Queens on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 5 July
Watch series 1 and 2 on BBC iPlayer now

Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie?

A person stands in the water on an empty beach. Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie? is written in red against the backdrop of the grey sky. A woman’s forehead and eyes are visible above the text.

How did Annie Börjesson die? This is the question asked again and again by Annie’s friends and family, ever since her body was first discovered on Prestwick Beach in Scotland on the 4th of December, 2005. This four-part series looks at the complex case.

Quickly labelled a tragic suicide by the authorities, this documentary series examines mysterious and puzzling events around the death of the 30-year-old Swede who lived in Edinburgh. Fascinated by Annie’s story, Scottish journalist Hazel Martin investigates.

Watch Body on the Beach: What Happened to Annie? on BBC iPlayer from Tuesday 4 July


The Swedish detective programme returns for another series. Martin’s grandson Vilhelm Beck is out on a routine mission with his supervisor when he finds a dead 17-year-old boy at the crime scene. It immediately becomes a case for Alex, Martin and the others in the Beck group.

Watch Beck on BBC iPlayer from Saturday 1 July

Drill on Trial

Radio 1Xtra DJ Tiffany Calver explores the response to UK drill – a popular but controversial genre of rap – by the authorities, who blame it for a rise in violent crime. Having seen its explosion from humble beginnings to a genre that now tops charts all across the world, Tiffany has also seen the spotlight that the police and courts have put artists under.

With increased policing, stringent criminal orders, digital surveillance and tougher sentences for artists, Chinx (OS), a drill artist, has risked his freedom with every song he has released. His success could see him turn a new leaf and leave behind a chequered past. But that success is at the heart of a debate over freedom of speech and crime prevention that has played out in the media, newspapers and courtrooms.

With police scrambling to quell the rise in gang violence and artists criticising the lack of clarity around their policing, Tiffany is on a mission to find an answer to a problem that has long plagued black music genres in the UK.

Watch Drill on Trial from Sunday 2 July on BBC iPlayer

Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer

This film follows the life of an extraordinary woman who revolutionised modern nursing and whose legacy continues to benefit millions.

Born into a rich English family, Florence Nightingale broke through social and gender barriers to pioneer a profession previously reserved for men. Dedicating her life to helping those in need, she was a trailblazer who led a group of nurses to care for wounded soldiers during the Crimean War and developed revolutionary views about hygiene and sanitation.

Hailed as a heroine by Queen Victoria and the British people upon her return from the front, Florence went on to establish the Nightingale Training School for Nurses and reform healthcare at home and abroad.

Florence Nightingale died in 1910 aged 90, leaving behind an inspirational legacy.

Watch Florence Nightingale: Nursing Pioneer from Wednesday 5 July on BBC IPlayer

Noel Gallagher: Reel Stories

Looking back with a mixture of pride, curiosity and occasional bewilderment, Noel Gallagher relives moments of his life on TV – handpicked by Dermot O’Leary. From Maine Road to Downing Street, The Word to Newsnight – Noel has been ever present on our screens for the past 25 years. Now is his chance to watch it back.

In characteristically revealing form, Noel talks about the early days of Oasis, their first TV appearances, his love of Top of the Pops, his role in Cool Britannia, the breakup of one of the world’s most successful rock groups, his own solo career – and how Don’t Look Back In Anger came to define his home town’s response to the Manchester Arena bombing.

Watch Noel Gallagher: Reel Stories from Saturday 1 July on BBC iPlayer

We Hunt Together

We Hunt Together is an audacious new drama about what happens when two profoundly damaged people collide and finally speak the unspoken, giving each other permission and reason to act out their dormant compulsions. A brave new take on a classic cat and mouse story, We Hunt Together explores the intoxication of sexual attraction, the dangerous power of emotional manipulation and how finding a volatile form of solace in another can have dire consequences for those who dare to get in the way. It forces us to ask ourselves how culpable we are as humans and who is really to blame when the damaged do damage.

Watch We Hunt Together as a boxset on BBC iPlayer from 26 June

Keeping Up With Krystal Versace

Keep up with the KV and her very own royal family. The Drag Race winner is on a wild journey as she puts on the biggest show of her career. Can the queens handle the pressure?

Watch Keeping up with Krystal Versace on BBC iPlayer from 30 June

Rose Ayling-Ellis: Signs for Change

Rose Ayling-Ellis fronts an exciting and groundbreaking film, challenging perceptions of the deaf community and putting audiences at the heart of the deaf experience.

Following the news that, as of April 2022, British sign language has been officially recognised in law, this documentary follows Rose on a personal journey as she speaks to those closest to her, as well as the people pushing boundaries within the deaf community. Exploring whether society is adapting fast enough to allow equality amongst the deaf and hearing worlds, Rose challenges the perception of deafness as something that needs to be cured, and highlights the beauty of sign language and the deaf experience.

Watch Rose Alying-Ellis: Signs for Change on BBC iPlayer from 26 June

The Repair Shop: NHS Special

Two nurses and The Repair Shop team stand beside a children’s toy train that’s big enough to take a small passenger

To celebrate 75 years of the NHS, the team revives four precious items chronicling the evolution of the publicly funded healthcare system founded in 1948.

First, the barn team welcomes a very important visitor who owes his life to the NHS, children’s author and poet Michael Rosen. He’s hoping bookbinder Chris Shaw can repair the daily diary kept by nurses and carers whilst he was in a 40-day induced coma at the start of the pandemic. The modern spiral notebook is Michael’s only record of this time when family members were unable to visit. The hospital staff were the only people in close contact with him and used the diary to relay what was happening to Michael day to day. The ‘patient diary’ was gifted to him when he was finally discharged from the critical care unit.

Along with the notebook, Michael has brought the many letters, drawings and notes that his young fans sent to him whilst he was in hospital. Currently being stored in a messy bundle, Chris gets to work to create a more fitting tribute for the thoughtful artwork leaving the usually eloquent Michael momentarily lost for words.

Watch The Repair Shop: NHS Special on BBC iPlayer from 28 June

Great British Railway Journeys

Great British Railway Journeys returns for a 14th series as Michael Portillo strikes out to explore the Britain of his youth, starting at Preston’s Fulwood Barracks and heading across to Bury Bolton Street station in Greater Manchester.

Watch Great British Railway Journeys series 14 on BBC iPlayer

Not Going Out

We return to the suburban chaos of Lee (Lee Mack) and Lucy (Sally Bretton) as they’re asked to cover for uptight ice-queen Anna (Abigail Cruttenden) as she allegedly attends ‘secret’ Italian lessons. Lee is immediately convinced Anna is up to no good and, having to lie to his best friend Toby (Hugh Dennis), is not-so-slowly spiralling into an anxious mess. As ever when there’s a delicate situation that needs sensitive handling, Lee could approach it cautiously… or go full sleuth in a bid to personally crack the case!

The series continues around the anarchy of a packed family life with the couple crashing from one near-disaster to the next. Usually close at hand are Lucy’s lovely mum Wendy (Deborah Grant) and curmudgeonly dad Geoffrey (Geoffrey Whitehead), and we know very well what they think about their daughter’s wisecracking husband.

Watch series 13 of Not Going Out from Friday 23 June on BBC iPlayer.
Watch series 1-12 of Not Going Out on BBC iPlayer

There She Goes: 2023 Special

In this special episode, Rosie Yates is now 13 and is starting to display increasingly challenging emotional and physical behaviour, veering wildly from joyous obsessions with the letter X, tigers with Xs on their nose, ticket barriers and Fedex lorries to sudden violent outbursts directed at both her parents and herself.

The family realise that Rosie is simply struggling to cope with the onset of puberty, just like any other teenage girl. Whilst the family deal with a teenage Rosie, their geneticist calls with news of Rosie’s condition.

The There She Goes 2023 Special will be available to watch on BBC iPlayer from Wednesday 21 June
Watch There Shoe Goes series 1 and 2 on BBC iPlayer

George Michael At The BBC

The late, great and much-missed George Michael was one of Britain’s best-loved and most acclaimed music stars. With Wham!, the group George formed alongside best friend Andrew Ridgely, he created an 80s phenomenon – heart-throb chart-toppers across the globe, and the first Western pop act ever to perform in China. His subsequent solo work took his career to a whole new level, making him one of the key cultural figures of the day.

This collection of George’s solo performances and Wham! classics comes from his appearances on a selection of BBC programmes that demonstrate perfectly why he remains so fondly remembered. From ‘Club Tropicana’ and ‘Freedom’ to ‘Faith’, ‘Outside’ and ‘Amazing’, we see how the pure pop classics of Wham! evolved into George’s mature million-selling hits – powerful and provocative, and wrapped up gorgeously in that unforgettable golden voice.

Watch George Michael At The BBC from Saturday 17 June on BBC iPlayer

Best Interests

Starring Sharon Horgan and Michael Sheen, Jack Thorne’s original four-part BBC drama Best Interests is a compelling, thought-provoking drama about a family driven apart by having to make choices no parent would ever want to make.

Marnie has a life-threatening condition. The doctors believe it is in her best interests to be allowed to die, but her loving family disagree. And so begins a fight that will take them through every stage of a legal process, as they struggle to contemplate this huge decision. Who decides? And in whose best interests will it be?

Watch Best Interests on BBC iPlayer from Monday 12 June

Queen of Oz

Princess Georgiana (Georgie) is the spare to the British throne but her party girl lifestyle and constant public scandals threaten the monarchy’s future.

In an effort to get her as far away from London as possible, and at the same time, hoping to prevent Australia from leaving the Commonwealth, Georgie’s parents send her off to Australia to become their Queen, along with her new staff – Director of Communications Zoe, Private Secretary Bernard, Head of Security Officer Marc, Personal Assistant Matthew, Lady In Waiting Anabel, Master of the Household Weiwei.

A welcome reception is Georgie’s first public appearance in Australia – where an offensive faux pas from the jetlagged new Queen makes the night go from bad to worse.

Watch Queen of Oz as a boxset from Friday 16 June on BBC iPlayer


A third series of David Tennant and Michael Sheen’s hit show Staged is arriving on BBC iPlayer.

After a fallout with Michael and David, the director Simon tries his very best to get them to work on a project with him again, however this proves to be a difficult task. Watch the pair navigate life after lockdown in a hilarious third season.

Having started life during the pandemic, Staged was named Best Comedy at New York Festivals TV & Film Awards in 2022 and was also named Best Comedy at the Broadcasting Press Guild awards in 2021.

Tennant and Sheen are once again joined by their real-life partners Georgia Tennant and Anna Lundberg for an exciting third series, alongside series creator Simon Evans, with Lucy Eaton, Ben Schwartz and a host of guest stars.

Watch Staged series 3 as a boxset from Wednesday 14 June on BBC iPlayer

Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch

Africa is home to the youngest and most culturally diverse population on the planet. In a new three-part series, journalist and broadcaster Afua Hirsch discovers how young creatives are reinventing the culture of some of the continent’s biggest countries: Morocco, South Africa and Nigeria.

Afua begins her journey by exploring how a younger generation of Moroccans are updating old traditions in often surprising ways, creating exciting and daring new art, music, weaving and photography, with women creatives spearheading the change.

Watch all episodes of Africa Rising with Afua Hirsch from Tuesday 13 June on BBC iPlayer

They All Came Out to Montreux

A black and white image of people at a festival, watching a band play on stage
Starting in 1967, with practically no knowledge of the music industry, Claude Nobs began turning his sleepy hometown on the shores of Lake Geneva into a destination for international music artists.

Aretha Franklin, Nina Simone, David Bowie, Miles Davis, Etta James, Prince, Talking Heads… the list goes on, and eventually they all came out to Montreux. And when they did, Claude filmed and recorded everything in meticulous detail, resulting in a UNESCO recognised archive of extraordinary depth and quality.

From revelatory live performances to jaw-dropping and intimate interview footage, this documentary miniseries provides an immersive window into the unique world of Claude Nobs and his love for music.

Watch all episodes of They All Came Out to Montreux on BBC iPlayer

Lizzo, Live in Concert and Love, Lizzo

Ahead of triple Grammy award-winning superstar Lizzo taking to the stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, the global music megastar will be arriving on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer as part of Storyville presents Lizzo Live In Concert and Love, Lizzo.

In Lizzo, Live in Concert, Superstar Lizzo as brings the house down with special guests Cardi B, SZA, and Missy Elliott. The live concert spectacular gives the viewers a front row seat to the Emmy and three-time Grammy winner’s acclaimed “Special” tour. Joined by her band The Lizzbians and The Little Bigs, and The Big Grrrls. Lizzo: Live In Concert promises a night full of positivity, laughs, and love.

Love, Lizzo will give viewers a revealing glimpse into the life of the multi-platinum Grammy and Emmy-winning artist, filmed during the recording of her latest album, Special.

After her hit 2019 single Truth Hurts catapulted her to superstardom, rapper/singer/songwriter Lizzo was hailed “an overnight success.” In this intimate and revealing documentary, the artist, born Melissa Jefferson, traces her long journey to the top–from her upbringing in Detroit, her adolescence tirelessly practicing the flute in Houston, her move to Minneapolis to pursue hip-hop, and ten years spent hustling as a solo artist before achieving international fame. Filmed over three years, from her ‘Cuz I Love You world tour, through the pandemic and the recording of her latest album, Love, Lizzo allows the multi-platinum artist to get candid about topics such as body positivity, self-love, and recognising Black women for their contributions.

Watch both Lizzo, Live in Concert and Love, Lizzo from Saturday 3 June on BBC iPlayer

Man Like Mobeen

Viewers first met reformed drug-dealer Mobeen as he was trying to turn his life around living as a good Muslim, looking after his little sister, and trying to escape his troubled past. Since then he’s almost made good on living a quiet-ish life, but in the cliff-hanger series three finale, he found himself banged-up behind bars with Nate, after their close friend Eight had been killed.

As they adjust to life on the inside, familiar faces are also set to return, but in very unexpected situations. All this means Mobeen and Nate must once again negotiate new challenges and circumstances. So can the haphazard heroes make it to the end of their sentence without causing more mayhem and come good on their dream of living a quiet life?

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