US: Corey Taylor unleashes third single ‘Talk Sick’, ‘Beyond’ climbs Active Rock charts

US: Corey Taylor unleashes third single ‘Talk Sick’, ‘Beyond’ climbs Active Rock charts

Grammy-Award-winning BMG recording artist, actor, and New York Timesbest-selling author Corey Taylor (Slipknot, Stone Sour) has released ‘Talk Sick’, the third single from his upcoming solo studio album, CMF2, arriving September 15 via BMG/ Decibel Cooper Recordings.

“That sick guitar at the beginning, I played that through a speaker about the size of a coffee cup. It made it sound violent; you feel like you’re being stung by bees who are playing along to the Sex Pistols,” says Taylor about the track.

CMF2, Taylor’s first album for BMG and the first on his label imprint, Decibel Cooper Recordings, was produced by Jay Ruston (Anthrax, Steel Panther, Amon Amarth), who also produced Stone Sour’s 2017 Hydrogradas well as CMFT.

“Together we have great ideas, great energy, and are quick to try everything,” Taylor says of his studio collaborator. “We’re not afraid to tell each other if it’s a good idea, or also a bad one; we have that kind of trust. It’s rad.”

Throughout CMF2, Taylor sings and plays lead and rhythm guitar, piano, and mandolin. The 13-track opus packs the energy, experimentation, and forthrightness that’s defined a career that has seen him sell more than 12 million albums with his Grammy-winning band Slipknot and several million with chart-toppers Stone Sour.

As Taylor and his CMFT bandmates prepare to embark on an extensive US and UK tour, kicking off August 25 in Denver, Colorado, Taylor’s first single ‘Beyond’ continues to climb the Rock Radio charts currently sitting at number six.


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