Update on the Tim Westwood review

Update on the Tim Westwood review

The independent reviewer appointed by the BBC to fully examine what was known about concerns regarding Tim Westwood’s conduct during his time working at the BBC has today (20 April 2023) published an update on progress.

The update includes confirmation of a new 24/7 confidential phoneline and a questionnaire to expand the ways in which people can come forward and participate in its call for evidence.

Gemma White KC was appointed in August last year and published a call for evidence in October. She is being assisted by Jahnine Davis, an independent safeguarding expert.

Gemma White’s full statement can be read here.

Gemma White has also confirmed she expects to deliver her review to the BBC in the summer.

The BBC will consider the review and its findings very carefully, along with what actions to take as a result. The BBC Board has committed to publishing and fully responding to the report and to taking action where there are lessons to be learnt. The BBC remains committed to this and to ensuring it follows best practice.

The BBC Board commissioned this Review in order to discover the facts regarding what was known about Tim Westwood’s conduct during the time he worked at the BBC. This followed an expedited internal review into allegations against the DJ.

It is important for the Review to understand as much as possible about what happened and what was or was not known.

If you think you have any information which may be relevant to the Review (or are not sure and want to ask), you can contact them via:

• The dedicated confidential phone line: 08000 121 838 (further details of the phone line below)
• Gemma White KC: GWKCBBCReview@blackstonechambers.com
• Linklaters: gwkcbbcreview@linklaters.com

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