Two new BBC podcasts, Famously… In Love and Famously… On Trial announced

Two new BBC podcasts, Famously… In Love and Famously… On Trial announced

Stacey Dooley, Larry Dean, Jack Remmington and Sarel dissect celebrity culture in new Famously… podcasts on BBC Sounds

A new storytelling strand about celebrity culture from the BBC comprising two new podcasts, Famously… In Love and Famously… On Trial

June 13, 2024 – Stacey Dooley and Larry Dean analyse the biggest celebrity trials and pop culture controversies to date, whilst Jack Remmington and Sarel take a look at some of the most interesting celebrity relationships and what they tell us about love.

Famously… is the perfect biweekly drop to entertain listeners and keep them in the know with all the latest hot takes from pop culture in these funny and refreshing new podcasts on BBC Sounds.

Famously… In Love launches on Tuesday 18 June and will be hosted by presenters Jack Remmington (@jackremmington) and Sarel (@cocosarel). The engaging new podcast focuses on celebrity love stories and dilemmas. The pop culture experts will delve into the complex, messy and often outrageous world of celebrity love stories, whilst bringing a fresh and entertaining perspective to the famous relationships and pop culture moments we’re all obsessed with, looking beyond the headlines to bring nuance and human relatability to the drama. Jack and Sarel will seek to uncover the truth behind some of the most PR-quaffed, loved-up content and ask the burning questions we all want the answers to! Do celebrities make millions from matrimony? Is there a price to pay for publicising your relationship? What would you do if your ex wrote a hit album about you? And what can these stories teach us all about love in ‘real life’?

Jack Remmington says of the podcast: “I am beyond excited to be co-hosting Famously…In Love: from cheating scandals to torrid affairs, and the highs and lows of some of the most well-documented relationships in the public eye. As someone who is obsessed with pop culture, the chance to be involved with this podcast has been a total joy.

“To be hosting a BBC Sounds podcast and doing it alongside Sarel is a real pinch me moment and I can’t wait for everyone to join us as we delve into the complicated world of love in the spotlight.”

Sarel says: “I love looking at the world of celebrities! The gossip and the scandals keep us pop culture lovers invested! Listeners can expect real opinions and truth bombs as Jack and I dissect some of the best known love stories and tales of heartbreak!”

If there’s one thing that’s guaranteed to stir up public interest it is a famous person on trial, whether that’s in the court room or in the court of public opinion. Launching on Thursday 20th June, Famously… On Trial sees presenter Stacey Dooley and comedian Larry Dean team up to put celebrities ‘in the dock’ to discuss their most-famous court cases and controversies. As part of this new weekly podcast, Stacey and Larry delve into the biggest celebrity dramas, legal cases and pop culture controversies. The duo discuss some of the most scandalous, juicy and downright absurd celebrity battles. The court of public opinion looms large over any celebrity trial: tactical PR moves, lawyers putting on a performance, and carefully-curated courtroom looks are more likely to make the headlines than any of the legal arguments. Even if a case doesn’t make it to court, public opinion holds great power over even the biggest celebrities’ careers.

The pair dive into the farcical drama of these ‘trials’, identify the heroes and villains of each case, and establish what the real damages were. The brand-new weekly podcast is a fun and forensic look at some of the best known celebrity scandals; from Kendall Jenner’s ill-advised Pepsi advert scandal to Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin’s risible ‘conscious uncoupling’.

Stacey Dooley says of Famously… On Trial: “The internet pores forensically over celebrity controversies in and outside the court-room, holding them to account by trial of public opinion. With increasingly savvy social media users with immediate access to footage, audio and other evidence from the courtroom, we all live these cases in real time, and the public voice is louder than ever when any controversy is in the spotlight. Sometimes, the verdicts reached in the press or on social media are where someone’s fate is truly decided.

“Larry and I are delighted to be delving into some of the most well-known cases! It’s such a treat to sit alongside one another and properly flesh out what ends up being important, broader topics more generally. Judge Judy is shaaaaaking I’m sure!”

Larry Dean says: “So excited to be working with Stacey on this podcast, it’s going to be loads of fun. Stacey’s got an investigative background so she’s perfectly placed to lay out each story’s detail, delivering the case and asking the tough questions. And since she’s great company to be around, it will be a good laugh. I will attempt to decipher who really won – as I’m pretty out of touch with celebrity culture, I should be able to give a totally objective view. Somehow being under-qualified qualifies me to judge!”

Famously… In Love is available on 18 June and Famously… On Trial is available on 20 June on BBC Sounds.

For BBC Sounds and Radio 5 Live Famously… In Love is produced by Listen and Famously… On Trial is produced by Chalk & Blade. The assistant commissioner for BBC is Izzy Lee-Poulton and the commissioning editor is Dylan Haskins.

Famously… In Love is a Listen production for BBC Sounds.

• Producers: Ella McLeod, Olivia Cope
• Senior Producer: Georgia Arundell
• Executive Producer: Zöe Edwards
• Sound Engineer: Jon Last

Famously… On Trial is a C&B production for BBC Sounds.

• Producer: Emily Whalley
• Writer: Kate Soloman
• Executive Producer: Ruth Barnes
• Sound Engineer: Ross Ramsey-Golding
• Music by Felt Music
• Audio identity and trails: Ali Rezakhani
• Assistant Commissioner: Izzy Lee-Poulton
• Commissioning Editor for BBC Sounds: Dylan Haskins

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