Twizm Whyte Piece To Release Highly Anticipated New Album “One Smile Away” On Monday 1/29/24

Twizm Whyte Piece To Release Highly Anticipated New Album “One Smile Away” On Monday 1/29/24

Multi-award winning hip-hop artist Twizm Whyte Piece is releasing his newest masterpiece “One Smile Away” on Monday, January 29th, 2024.

Twizm Whyte Piece, originally named Alexander Sanders but known by his stage name Twp, is a highly acclaimed independent hip-hop artist and entertainer. He is the mastermind behind the #TwpNation brand and serves as the CEO of TwpFcr247 LLC, the parent company overseeing Fcr247 radio station and TwpNation Music publishing. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role as a writer, producer, and actor at Fcr247Interviews.

Twp embarked on his journey toward becoming a self-made, unsigned entertainment sensation in 2008. Over the years, he has garnered numerous awards and a dedicated fan base while creating countless memories. Twp distinguishes himself as a gifted lyricist, blending a contemporary, smooth, and breezy style with an air of confidence and relatability. His talents have earned him features in a wide range of publications, spanning from celebrity magazines to independent music journals. Moreover, he has been a sought-after guest on various talk shows and podcasts.

Twp’s life story is one of resilience in the face of adversity. His early years were marked by hardship, as his father’s involvement in a murder when Twp was just 3 years old left him in the care of his mentally unstable, criminally convicted mother. This period was characterized by a turbulent existence filled with drug use, constant travel, and residing in eight different states in just three years. Eventually, the judicial system intervened, and at the age of 11, Twp was placed under the guardianship of his grandmother. After three years, guardianship was transferred to the state of Indiana, leading Twp into the juvenile justice system.

From that point onward, Twp found himself entangled in a 14-year criminal lifestyle, as he became part of a gang, sold firearms and drugs, and eventually accumulated felony convictions and struggled with addiction. This tumultuous journey led to gang-related shootings, periods of incarceration, and more hardships.

In 2008, following the loss of freedom, and sense of self, Twp reached rock bottom and spent nearly four years incarcerated. However, on December 28th, 2011, he made a pivotal move by performing his first hip-hop show at Bentleys Bar & Grill in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tragedy struck again in 2013 when Twp was involved in a drive-by shooting, resulting in two individuals being shot and three hospitalized. It was also the year his fifth child was born prematurely as a result of the shooting. Faced with a shot-up home and limited options, Twp made a life-altering decision to relocate his family to Toronto, Canada, in pursuit of a fresh start.

In May 2015, Twp, along with “Big” Lou Russo, founded FCR247, a radio station aimed at providing diverse music, events, entertainment, and opportunities to all. Despite the passing of “Big Lou” that same year, Twp remained committed to realizing their shared vision. Today, Fcr247 has evolved into a comprehensive entertainment service provider with a global fan base. Throughout his journey, Twp has upheld a motto of “Classy not trashy” in the world of entertainment.

Twp’s achievements include three music awards, a staggering 16 albums, six EPs, 22 singles, nearly a million music streams, multiple music videos, a celebrity virtual performance, and an impressive tally of 165 stage performances across two countries.

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