CNBC to Premiere ‘Empires of New York’ in November


CNBC Primetime has announced the highly-anticipated limited series event, “Empires of New York”, premiering Sunday, November 29th at 8PM ET, beginning with a two-hour special premiere.

Narrated by Golden Globe® and Emmy Award® winner Paul Giamatti, and set amid the grit, greed, and glory of 1980s New York, “Empires of New York” chronicles the meteoric rise of five icons who not only reshaped the city but contributed mightily to the world we live in today:

• “arbitrage king” of Wall Street Ivan Boesky;
• queen of New York real estate Leona Helmsley;
• audacious U.S. Attorney Rudy Giuliani;
• powerful organized crime boss John Gotti;
• media-savvy business tycoon and future President of the United States Donald Trump.

Drawing on exclusive interviews, never-before-told stories, and secret tapes, the six-episode series follows five titans of the era who shared a singular trait: the insatiable need to win at all costs.

Seizing opportunity in an era jolted by one cultural upheaval after another – MTV and 24-hour news, hip hop, drugs, the onset of AIDS – they broke rules, flaunted their wealth, and delighted in the destruction of their enemies. And oddly, at times America came to love them for it.

“Empires of New York” consists of six one-hour episodes. Two-hour special premiere airs on Sunday, November 29th at 8PM ET, with each subsequent episode airing weekly on Sundays at 8PM ET on CNBC.

“Empires of New York” is produced by Industrial Media’s The Intellectual Property Corporation (IPC) and Fairhaven Films, with IPC’s Eli Holzman and Aaron Saidman, and Fairhaven’s Matthew Galkin as executive producers. Luke Bauer is the executive producer for CNBC.

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