CBS Wins Ratings Battle for 2017-18 Season

cbs controlroom - CBS Wins Ratings Battle for 2017-18 Season

CBS is ‘America’s Most-Watched Network’ across primetime, daytime and late night, for the 2017-2018 broadcast season.

CBS Primetime averaged 8.95 million viewers, which is projected to rise to 9.06 million once all live plus 7-day numbers are factored in.  The Network overcame a deficit of over 1.1 million viewers as of Feb. 25, after NBC broadcast both Super Bowl LII and the Winter Olympics. CBS won the last 11 weeks of the season on the strength of a schedule deep with hit shows and top-rated nights.

Ratings Highlights

  • > The Big Bang Theory ranked as the season’s “most-watched” series, marking the first time a comedy has been the #1 show since “Friends” in 2002 and the first CBS comedy to win since “All in the Family” in 1976
  • > Young Sheldon as the most-watched new series
  • > 15 of the top 30 “most-watched” broadcast series
  • > 14 time-period-winning programs, more than all other networks combined
  • > 14 series averaging 10+ million viewers, more than any other network
  • > Seven of the top 10 comedies – more than the other networks combined
  • > Six of the top 10 broadcast dramas – more than the other networks combined
  • > All three series in the NCIS franchise delivering more than 10 million viewers

The Late Show currently leads “The Tonight Show” by +1.17 viewers (3.85m vs. 2.68m, +44%), a huge increase over last year’s +80,000 viewer win (3.26m vs. 3.18m). This marks CBS’ second consecutive late night win and the largest margin of victory for CBS over “The Tonight Show” since 1993-1994. The Late Show will also finish only -77,000 viewers (-0.1) behind in adults 18-49, cutting NBC’s advantage in half from last season (-0.2).

The Late Show showed the most growth of any late night program – up a big +21% (3.85m from 3.20m). With live plus 3-day ratings, The Late Show won every week of first-run broadcasts against first-run weeks of “The Tonight Show” in viewers with 21 of the 25 weeks posting a margin of victory of +1 million viewers or more.

The Late Late Show with James Corden is the only very late show to grow its audience. The Late Late Show is up +4% (1.39m from 1.34m) in viewers.

The combination of The Late Show and The Late Late Show easily wins late night by over +500,000 viewers (CBS, 2.61m viewers versus NBC, 2.10m and ABC, 1.95m).

CBS has dominated the daytime landscape for the past 32 years, and this season was no exception. CBS beat its closest competition in daytime by over +1.1 million viewers (3.92m versus ABC’s 2.78m) and also won in the key women 25-54 demographic (1.0 versus 0.9).

CBS also had seven of the top 10 most-watched shows in daytime.