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BBC Africa has launched a weekly COVID-19 TV special called The Breakdown and the Africa Coronavirus Minute to provide audiences across Africa and globally with a 360 degree view of the Coronavirus pandemic as it moves through the continent.

The Coronavirus Minute offers audiences short bite sized audio content twice a day with the latest updates on COVID-19. This is in addition to the COVID-19 video bulletins which are available across all 12 language services for Africa.

Through the use of numbers the The Breakdown will explain what governments in Africa and around the world are doing, the true cost of the lockdown and the science and health information audiences need to know. BBC’s Africa health, business and fact-finding experts will answer audience questions and concerns, while exposing the myths surrounding the pandemic.

The Breakdown explores acts of kindness within communities and makes sense of our changing world, highlighting extra ordinary efforts people are making to cope and survive during this crisis.

Nisha Kapur, Head of TV Commissioning, Africa, says: “With the amount of information and disinformation around COVID-19 audiences can turn to The Breakdown for factual, accurate and engaging content on what is actually happening and what they can do. The Breakdown brings the best of BBC Africa all in one place.”

Presented by Sharon Machira each week, The Breakdown will feature the following regular segments:

Health Diary – a personal health diary from someone who is suffering, quarantined or recovered
What’s In The Numbers? – Showcasing the Coronavirus through the use of numbers from what your government and others around the world are doing, the cost of lockdown, ventilators, impact on your country’s economy and much more
Myth Buster – Looking at the top three misleading/fake news items of the week associated with the virus
Quarantine Tips – Showcasing creative ways people across the continent are doing to cope while in quarantine
Ask The Expert – Your Corona related questions answered by a BBC expert

Mary Lusiba, Head of Africa Business Development, says: “At a critical time such as this, audiences seek out trusted and reliable news and information. BBC Africa is making every effort to offer audiences unrivalled news and information on the impact, implications and solutions around the Corona pandemic in Africa across radio, TV and online through our vast partner network.”

During this pandemic BBC Africa is hosting a number of Facebook Live specials in English, Swahili and Somali. The English sessions with Anne Soy take place three days a week at 10.30am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays they allow audiences to share their concerns and pose questions to various business and health experts from the continent.

Stations & Airtimes

Fana TV – Saturday 6.30am

Citi TV – Friday, midday; Saturday, 9pm (R); Monday, 6pm
Joy TV – Friday, 2.30pm; Sunday 4.30pm (R)

KTN News – Sunday, 6am

Times TV – Friday, 3.30pm

Silverbird TV – Saturday, 6am; Sunday, 7.30am (R)
Silverbird News 24 – Saturday, 6am; Sunday, 9.30am (R)
Wazobia TV – Thursday, 4pm; Tuesday, 4pm (R)
TVC News – Wednesday, 11.30am
ABS Television – Friday, 6pm
NTA Network – Thursday, 9.05pm; Friday, 8.30am (R)

NBS TV – Saturday, 5.30pm

Sierra Leone
AYV – Sunday, 2pm

South Africa
Soweto TV – Saturday, 7pm
Cape Town TV – Tuesday, 2pm

SBC TV – Tuesday, 3.10pm

ZNBC TV – Friday, 7.30pm

ZBC TV – Friday, 4.10pm

All times are GMT