Celebrities Become Supply Teachers on CBBC

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A host of famous faces will deliver fun-filled lessons to children in lockdown from the comfort of their own homes in “Celebrity Supply Teacher”, a brand new series which begins on Monday 8th June on CBBC and BBC iPlayer.

Each celebrity brings a passion for their subject and an insight from their own experiences including Geri Horner with tips on creative writing, Marcus Rashford teaching PE, Gary Lineker teaching Spanish, Tim Peake discussing the science of space rockets, Matthew Morrison on musical theatre, and Kelis sharing her cookery tips.

The series, made by BBC Children’s In-House Productions, will broadcast on CBBC and offer a unique learning experience and insight into the life of the celeb teachers and the things that inspire them. Loosely based around the primary curriculum, the series covers topics ranging from science to English, maths to history and cookery to dance, in a fun and entertaining way.

The series kicks off with former Spice Girl and author of several children’s books, Geri Horner, who offers up her very own tips on creating a great story. She covers themes such as character, setting and plot. She shows viewers around her farm and the animals that she sometimes takes inspiration from.

Geri says: “I absolutely love writing – it’s a passion, so sharing the power of words on CBBC was a lot of fun. Together we can transport ourselves and create exciting magical stories.”

Astronaut Tim Peake offers up a fascinating lesson all about space (9 June). He gives his tips for surviving in space including how to eat, drink and go to the toilet. Then, from his back garden, he demonstrates the science behind space rockets using household materials to create his own rocket and rocket launcher.

Manchester United and England star, Marcus Rashford, is well known for his exploits on the pitch but how does he prepare for them? Marcus treats viewers to a masterclass in preparing your body for sport including stretches and warm up drills (10 June).

Stars of Emmerdale and off-screen married couple, Jeff Hordley and Zoe Henry, share their love of gardening in an episode to be shown on 11 June and Heston Blumenthal explains the difference between taste and flavour and shows us how to make the ultimate strawberry sundae (12 June).

Heston says: “It was certainly a very different way of filming but it was a lot of fun being CBBC’s Celebrity Supply Teacher for a day. There are so many exciting and delicious things to learn in the kitchen and it all starts with finding out how our senses work together to create flavour so this was the theme of my lesson. I chose to make a strawberry ice cream sundae which I hope inspires the younger viewers and their families to get cooking and begin a deeper relationship with their food.”

Later in the series Match Of The Day presenter and former England football captain, Gary Lineker, introduces CBBC viewers to the Spanish language. Gary, who became fluent in Spanish during his days as a player for FC Barcelona, teaches how to count from one to ten – while playing keepie uppie in his garden – before moving on to other useful words and phrases.

Gary says: “I am delighted to be involved with CBBC’s Celebrity Supply Teacher series. Learning Spanish when I moved to Barcelona in 1986 was good fun. It helped me then and ever since. Enjoy the experience. It’s exciting!”

Emmy, Tony and Golden Globe nominated artist, Matthew Morrison, shares his experience and insights into musical theatre. He says: “As a parent, I find it vitally important to produce a creative and educational setting in my home not just for my child, but for our family as a whole. This series is such a fun and useful tool to create that space where families can come together to find new ways to connect and to learn, and which provides some much needed positivity as we work through these challenging times.”

Also in the series singer Kelis, who trained to be a chef at a top school in Paris, shares some of her own personal tips for cookery. Ricky Wilson, lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs and former art teacher, shows viewers how they can improve their painting and drawing with the use of colours, Dame Darcey Bussell demonstrates traditional African dance moves, Martin Bashir gives a masterclass on his hero, Dr Martin Luther King, and how he was inspired to go into journalism, and Ed Balls teaches about two of his favourite English monarchs, Alfred the Great and Queen Elizabeth I.

Also coming up in the series, star of The Chase and former maths teacher, Mark Labbett, explains place value and shows off some clever hacks that will help children with their multiplication and division, Ellie Simmonds explores ocean geography, Nikki Lilly takes on IT, Rachel Shenton and Maisie Sly teach British Sign Language, Katie Piper teaches wellbeing, Tez Ilyas explores science, and Hetty Feather’s Isabel Clifton teaches drama.

Julie Hesmondhalgh provides the voice over.