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CNBC has confirmed the line-up for its latest Capital Exchange event breakfast series event taking place on Tuesday, July 9th.

The event will be held at AJAX in Washington, D.C. and will centre around “Economy 2020: Achieving Sustainable Growth”. Wells Fargo is the sponsor.

The U.S. economy remains strong, with low unemployment and growing GDP, but globally, there appear to be some clouds gathering. The Fed is watching closely, while a divided government will make big legislative initiatives difficult. In this environment, what will be the difference-makers in sustaining growth and avoiding recession?

CNBC’s Capital Exchange event feature candid conversations about how business and government can better collaborate to create jobs and economic growth. Featuring top lawmakers, CEOs and administration officials, Capital Exchange will focus on the confluence of policy, business and money.

The conversations, led by CNBC’s Kelly Evans and Tyler Mathisen, will feature the following speakers:

> Larry Kudlow: Director, National Economic Council
> Heather Boushey: Executive Director & Economist, Washington Center for Equitable Growth
> William Lee: Chief Economist, Milken Institute

Further information about the event is available at the CNBC Events website.