France Télévisions Introduces Regional Press Reviews

France Télévisions

The France Télévisions group is strengthening its support for the national and regional press by launching ” The newspaper kiosk ” every day.

On the morning news bulletins of France info canal 27 and France 2, Samuel Etienne offers a review of the regional daily press at 6.15am and then again at 7.20am.

At 8:20am, a larger press review (daily newspapers and magazines) is presented by Patrice Romedenne or Frédéric Vion, as well as a cultural press review at 9:18am.

In the 1pm news on France 2, a new feature, “The newsstand”, will broadcast a replay of the press review of the morning with Samuel Etienne.

At 8pm on France 2, every evening an editorial director or an editor-in-chief (of a regional, national press or magazine) will be a guest to preview an article of his publication or the wider press, and will discuss the role of his newspaper in this context of the Covid-19 crisis.

Without forgetting, the collaboration of an editorial writer of the written press every week in Dimanche en politique presented by Francis Letellier on France 3.

In addition, the regional network of France 3 has always been committed to the regional daily press, between the two there is a close brotherly bond to guarantee quality information for all and in all territories.