ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer Explores “Our New Reality”


In an ABC prime-time special event ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer and her team report on how COVID-19 crept into our lives – and where we go next.

On New Year’s Eve as Americans celebrated, gathered, embraced and looked forward to the year ahead, a mysterious virus was attacking Wuhan in China.

All across the country, they interview scientists racing to find a vaccine and the everyday Americans volunteering for testing. They look deeply into the lives of essential workers on the frontlines – who are largely female and people of color – showing their fears and their bravery, including the employees at two assisted living facilities in Ohio – can they save all their residents by moving in and sealing themselves off from the world around them?

Sawyer reports on how hope, faith and belief have sustained us during one of the most devastating and catastrophic health and economic crises in history, and looks into today’s most challenging question: What do we do next, as every state eases restrictions and a living experiment begins in America? What have we learned as we plan a bold life in a shaken and fragile world?

“Our New Reality: A Diane Sawyer Special” airs Tuesday, May 26th (9pm EDT), on ABC.

One thought on “ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer Explores “Our New Reality”

  1. What a great special you made Diane. It gave us a behind look at the people that take care of us. It made me cry in spots, especially about the Detroit bus driver just doing his job. I live near Detroit so it brought it close to home. Thank you for making this for the American people, and help them understand how serious this virus really is! Tina Bartley

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