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Each month, ABC International reaches a unique overseas audience of 10,967,000, through broadcast television, radio and ABC websites and apps.

“At the end of 2019 the ABC marked 80 years of Australia’s international broadcasting. It’s wonderful to know that audiences around the world, especially our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific, continue their relationship with the ABC for independent and trusted information, education, and entertainment,” said ABC Managing Director David Anderson.

“This is an unrivalled record of achievement, telling Australian stories, reporting fairly and fearlessly, teaching generations to speak English and delivering critical information in times of crisis for 80 years.”

ABC Australia

The ABC’s international television service is available in 40+ markets in Asia and the Pacific. ABC Australia has a monthly viewership of at least 2,183,000.

ABC Radio Australia

As an international broadcaster in the Pacific, radio remains a relevant source for accessing trusted news and information, and high-quality bespoke content on the region.

ABC Australia can be received via FM across the Pacific. There are 407,000 listeners of ABC Radio Australia each month in the Pacific.

ABC Websites and apps

Each month, there are 8,981,000 users of ABC websites and apps, including the ABC NEWS website and app and the new ABC Australia iview app launched in Q4 2019.

Additionally, since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the ABC seen increased users and traffic on ABC websites and apps from overseas. Year to date, there are 13,700,000 average monthly users on ABC websites and apps; 55% above the same period last year (8,800,000).

International Audiences
♦ 3,803,000 audiences in the Americas and 2,038,000 audiences in Europe through ABC websites and apps
♦ 3,690,000 audiences in Asia through broadcast television and ABC websites and apps
♦ 1,165,000 audiences in the Pacific through broadcast television and radio, and ABC websites and apps