CBC News to Launch New Weekly Political Show “Rosemary Barton Live”

Rosemary Barton

CBC News has announced a new weekly program, Rosemary Barton Live, which will broadcast live on Sunday mornings starting November 1st from 10am to noon ET on CBC News Network.

The programme will also simulcast from 11 to 11:30am ET (12 AT, 12:30 NT) on CBC TV and CBC Gem.

The new program is part of CBC News’ expanded political coverage this fall, including new weekday program CBC News Live with Vassy Kapelos offering the latest COVID-19 and political updates at 5 p.m. ET, followed by Power & Politics in prime time from 6 to 8 p.m. ET beginning Monday, November 2 on CBC News Network.

As Canadians face a resurgence of COVID-19, CBC News Network is now widely available in free preview to all subscribers on most major TV distributors across the country, and on CBC Gem, the CBC News app and CBCNews.ca.

Hosted by Rosemary Barton, CBC’s chief political correspondent, Rosemary Barton Live will deliver a weekly dose of compelling conversations and need-to-know political news and issues affecting Canadians, tackling the latest political headlines through the lens of people living them.

The live format of the show will provide a dynamic mix of breaking political news and compelling conversations with newsmakers and Canadians across the country, providing audiences with the facts and context that will help them navigate political forces shaping their daily lives.

“This show is a place for all Canadians to feel welcome and take part,” says Barton. “My whole career I’ve been asking the tough questions to people in power. With this opportunity to also provide Canadians a platform to speak for themselves in real time about the issues that are important to them, I hope to inspire and engage meaningful conversations in homes across the country.”

Barton will continue to lead CBC News political specials, host The National’s At Issue panel, and co-host the weekly CBC Podcast Party Lines with Buzzfeed News’s Elamin Abdelmahmoud.

Vassy Kapelos will lead our expanded daily political programming kicking off at 5pm ET, Monday-Friday, with the news-driven CBC News Live With Vassy Kapelos, a fast-paced round-up of breaking political stories and newsmaker interviews.

In its 11th season, Power & Politics moves into primetime from 6pm-8pm ET, bringing sharper analysis and pointed debate to the day’s big stories, while reaching a wider range of Canadian viewers in more time zones across the country, including central and western Canada.

“We are doubling down on political coverage at a critical moment in our history, when politics shapes the national conversation and nearly every aspect of our daily lives,” said Brodie Fenlon, editor in chief of CBC News.

“We will help Canadians make sense of it all as we face down a global health and economic crisis, with multiple elections in play and a minority government in Ottawa.”

CBC News’ broadened political coverage this fall will serve Canadians on whatever platform they choose. Everyone will be served, from political buffs to those simply trying to understand what the latest news means for their families, their health and their finances.