Univision Announces Comprehensive “Destino 2020” Coverage


Univision’s “Destino 2020” dedicated election coverage kicks into high gear as the nation enters the last phase of the presidential campaign.

Expanded multi-format coverage across Univision’s broadcast and digital platforms started running this week with the Democratic National Convention and will continue through Election Night, November 3rd.

It will bring Hispanic America the most complete and reliable information and analysis on every aspect of the presidential race, with special focus on the issues that matter most to Latino voters.

Exclusive Polling

In addition, Univision News will continue to publish exclusive national and key state voter surveys to offer the pulse of the Latino community and reflect Latino voter views. In-depth analysis of the results will appear on UnivisionNoticias.com.

Election Night

Univision Network will provide wall-to-wall live Election Night coverage from both the Democratic and Republican headquarters, as well as reports throughout the day. Univision’s team of award-winning anchors, along with expert political reporters, commentators and analysts, will participate in Univision’s live coverage. Details will be announced at a later date.

Destino 2020 Digital Elements

Univision has been delivering original digital reporting in multiple formats since the beginning of the primary election cycle via UnivisionNoticias.com and social media platforms.

This week, UnivisionNoticias.com will publish and stream the most important news, analysis and commentary coming out of the Democratic National Convention via:

The Univision News Live Blog: with minute-by-minute Convention coverage.
Politiqueando (8:30-9 PM ET): a daily digital analysis and commentary program to discuss the most important political news before the main speeches of the day.
Univision News livestream (9-10 PM ET): with the convention’s full schedule, with Spanish-language translation of the main speech of the day, at UnivisionNoticias.com and all of its digital platforms.
Destino 2020 (8/20 at 10-11 PM ET): with Univision’s special live program featuring Democratic Presidential Candidate Joe Biden’s acceptance speech.