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The Weather Channel broadcast non-stop coverage of Hurricane Dorian over 12 straight days, from August 26th until September 6th.

Hurricane Dorian moved as a category 5 hurricane from the mid-Atlantic Ocean through Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, up the south east coast of the U.S. before making landfall on the Outer Banks as a Category 1 hurricane.

Through it all, The Weather Channel television network was on the ground providing live, around-the-clock, life-saving coverage for viewers, from Puerto Rico to Cape Cod.


> The Weather Channel covered Dorian for over 12 days straight, amounting to 242 total hours of live coverage.
> This coverage includes 24/7 live coverage for 5 straight days, from September 1st — September 5th.
> The Weather Channel had 17 teams reporting around the clock from 20 locations including San Juan, Puerto Rico, Charleston, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida, Savannah, Georgia and more.
> Dave Malkoff reported from the Bahamas on the area’s devastation, including captivating interviews with those affected by Dorian.
> In studio, The Weather Channel released two Immersive Mixed Reality segments showcasing important life-saving information.
> In partnership with State Farm, the network aired a segment on the importance of hurricane preparation.
> Prior to its landfall in Outer Banks, Dr. Greg Postel reported on the potential threat of storm surge in Charleston, South Carolina.


From August 26 through September 6, The Weather Channel has seen a total of 47.9m impressions and 219.4k engagements on Twitter, with an additional reach of 95.6m people and 836.1k engagements on Facebook.


> The Weather Channel was the #1 cable network on Sunday, September 1st with Total Viewers and Persons 25-54.
> The Weather Channel was the top-viewed cable news network across the Labor Day weekend with Total Viewers and Persons 25-54, as well as the 5 days of 24/7 live coverage with Persons 25-54.
> The Weather Channel viewership during the Labor Day weekend surpassed CNN and FOX News combined.
> Viewers tuned in for an average time spent of nearly 3 hours across the 5 days of 24/7 live coverage, and The Weather Channel reached nearly 53 million viewers over the 12 days of coverage.