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In a dramatic u-turn by CNN International, just three months after programming cuts and redundancies, new shows have been announced in London and Abu Dhabi.

Broadcasting live from CNN London weeknights at 10pm BST/11pm CET, The Brief with Bianca Nobilo will provide viewers with an incisive look at the most significant live events and stories of the last 24 hours. This dynamic new half-hour show will cover the UK and beyond, showcasing CNN’s distinctive and agenda-setting reporting.

At 11pm BST/12am CET Your World Today with Isa Soares and Cyril Vanier will break down the day’s most important and talked-about stories around the world, giving context around the news that dominated the day for viewers in EMEA, while informing viewers in Asia about the stories that will help shape theirs.

These new London-based shows follow the successful launch of CNN Newsroom with Max Foster, which airs weekdays at 1pm BST/2pm CET.

Additionally, CNN International is expanding Connect the World with Becky Anderson – the network’s flagship daily programme anchored live from CNN Abu Dhabi – by an hour to give viewers more in-depth interviews with the big names and key political figures shaping the Middle East. This now two-hour show will be anchored by Anderson, and air from 3pm–5pm BST/4pm–6pm CET.

CNN’s weekend lineup will also be enhanced with the addition of CNN Newsroom with Robyn Curnow and CNN Newsroom with Michael Holmes from CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta.

Mike McCarthy, SVP of Programming and General Manager, CNN International, said: “We are delighted to be launching these new shows – which will form a key part of our industry-leading European evening and Asia morning programming lineup – and renewing our commitment to the Middle East with the expansion of Connect the World. International coverage is at the core of what makes CNN unique, and we are committed to delivering first-class reporting to audiences around the world.”

CNN International (Europe) Schedule from 23rd September

1:00pm BST/2:00pm CET CNN Newsroom with Max Foster (CNN London)
1:30pm BST/2:30pm CET World Sport (CNN Atlanta)
2:00pm BST/3:00pm CET First Move with Julia Chatterley (NYSE)
3:00pm BST/4:00pm CET Connect the World with Becky Anderson (CNN Abu Dhabi)
4:00pm BST/5:00pm CET Connect the World with Becky Anderson (CNN Abu Dhabi)
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CET The Express (NYSE)
5:30pm BST/6:30pm CET Feature show
6:00pm BST/7:00pm CET Amanpour (CNN London)
7:00pm BST/8:00pm CET Hala Gorani Tonight (CNN London)
8:00pm BST/9:00pm CET Quest Means Business (CNN New York)
9:00pm BST/10:00pm CET The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN Washington)
10:00pm BST/11:00pm CET The Brief with Bianca Nobilo (CNN London)
10:30pm BST/11:30pm CET World Sport (CNN Atlanta)
11:00pm BST/12:00am CET Your World Today with Isa Soares and Cyril Vanier (CNN London, 2 hours)