Meet the Press Tops Ratings for Sunday Jan 9th

Meet the Press

Meet the Press with Chuck Todd was the most-watched Sunday show in the key demo this past Sunday, Jan. 9th, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Meet the Press was top in the demo most valued by news advertisers and averaged 612,000 A25-54 viewers, topping ABC’s This Week by five percent (+29,000) and CBS’s Face the Nation by +13 percent (+72,000).

Sunday’s broadcast averaged 2.781 million total viewers and featured interviews with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, Drs. Ezekiel Emanuel and Celine Gounder, and Rep. Adam Kinzinger.

Meet the Press posted its largest demo audience in 17 weeks (since August 15, 2021) and its largest total viewer audience in 18 weeks (since August 8, 2021).

An additional 369,000 total viewers and 135,000 A25-54 viewers watched the Sunday program through a rebroadcast on NBC.

Last week, Meet the Press reached more than 2.3 million video views, up +102 percent week over week, and 314,000 hours watched across digital platforms, up +67 percent week over week.

This past Sunday’s full episode has currently reached more than 421,000 video views, up +10 percent week over week, and 307,000 viewers, up four percent week over week. And, the full episode that aired last Sunday, Jan. 2 saw 666,000 video views on YouTube, up +90 percent week of week, and 486,000 viewers, up +79 percent week over week.

Meet the Press continues to dominate the influential Washington, D.C. market, more than doubling the competition across the board and winning in total viewers for 81 consecutive months.