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The critically acclaimed Flowers unfurls for a second series, this time set in the bloom of summer.

Will Sharpe’s darkly imaginative, heartfelt and cinematic Flowers sees the return of the well-meaning Deborah (Olivia Colman), her depressive husband Maurice (Julian Barratt), their maladjusted adult twin children Amy and Donald and the rest of this dysfunctional ensemble, including the eternally optimistic Shun (played by Sharpe), the Japanese illustrator of Maurice’s children’s books who lodges with the family.

Joining the cast is Harriet Walter as Hylda (former addict, now Amy’s girlfriend and slightly unconventional priest).

In this visually ambitious second series, set a couple of years after series one, Maurice is now on medication and seemingly in a better place, while Deborah is on the brink of becoming the published author of “Living with the Devil”, a self-help book about coping with her husband’s depression. The bombastic Donald (Daniel Rigby) has started an independent plumbing business and is desperate to fall in love and become a man. The chaotic and imaginative Amy, meanwhile, has invited her all-female music group “The Pink Cuttlefish Orchestra” to stay at the ramshackle Flowers’ house and becomes increasingly obsessed with a book full of strange Baroque paintings, which once belonged to Felix Flower (her grandfather who ran away when Maurice was a little boy).

As the subject of depression was foregrounded in series one, the wild and colourful second series focuses more on manic depression and how a dynasty of mental illness can bleed down through generations of a family. Untangling complex relationships in its signature fashion, the hilarious and heart-breaking “Flowers” looks at the universal struggles within family dynamics, the true meaning of hope and how it’s never too late to change the direction of your life.

Flowers returns to Channel 4 on Monday 11th June at 10pm.