Mike Rowe Joins Discovery+ With New Series


Mike Rowe is putting in that same hard work ethic – along with some elbow grease – to prove once and for all that everything in the world is connected.

SIX DEGREES WITH MIKE ROWE, premieres Monday, January 4th on Discovery’s streaming service Discovery+.

“I’m super excited to have a new show on Discovery+, and delighted to announce that it doesn’t take place in a sewer. If I can remember half of what I learned while filming this remarkable series, I’ll be twice as smart as I ever was. And if viewers have as much fun watching it, as I did making it, we’ll be announcing Season 2 in no time!” Mike Rowe said.

In each of the six episodes, launching all at once on Discovery+, Mike transports himself back in time to some of the most major moments in history and connects the dots between these events – revealing incredible stories along the way. With his wry sense of humor and candid, no-nonsense take, Mike links society’s most taken-for-granted moments to their surprising origins and connects them to the modern world of today. To help him out, he’s roped in his pal Chuck who (reluctantly) acts out some of the historical events, demonstrating how everything in our wonderfully weird world came to be related.

Can a mousetrap really cure your hangover? Did a garbage man give us a glimpse into the big bang? And how can a horseshoe help you find the perfect soulmate? Mike leaves no stone left unturned as he discovers the unexpected and uncovers some amazing answers.

One thing is certain – Mike’s wild travel back through time will show that truth is oftentimes stranger than fiction and reveal how interconnected we are in a time when everyone and everything feels so distant.

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SIX DEGREES WITH MIKE ROWE is produced for Discovery Channel by School of Humans, LTD. and MRW Productions. For School of Humans L.C. Crowley and Ben Franzen are executive producers; Sandi Kloosterman is supervising producer. For MRW Productions Mike Rowe and Mary Sullivan are executive producers. For Discovery Channel, Gretchen Morning is executive producer and Paola Espinosa is associate producer.