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BBC Studios Production has been commissioned by Channel 5 to produce a one-off documentary about a school teacher with Tourette’s syndrome called Tourette’s Teacher.

Tourette’s Teacher tells the extraordinary and inspirational story of Natalie Davidson, a secondary school teacher with a difference: her Tourette’s means lessons may be interrupted by uncontrollable swearing, or the sort of comments you wouldn’t expect to hear in a classroom.

She wasn’t born with the condition, which was triggered by a shockingly traumatic event in her past. Now, while it colours every aspect of her life – and can make even the simplest of everyday tasks a struggle – she’s determined to prove that Tourette’s is no barrier to her succeeding at her job at an inner city Academy with her condition even helping her build an unique rapport with her pupils.

The show is narrated by actress and singer Kym Marsh and is expected to be broadcast on Channel 5 this Spring.

The programme was commissioned for Channel 5 by Daniel Louw. The Executive Producer for BBC Studios is Rob Unsworth. The Producer/Director is Max Jourdan. It was produced by the BBC Studios Factual team in Salford.

Rob Unsworth, Executive Producer, BBC Studios said: “Tourette’s Teacher is a fascinating and moving film about a truly remarkable teacher, and a condition that’s often misunderstood. Full of extraordinary, memorable moments, it powerfully captures some of the difficulties faced by Natalie every day, as she battles through situations most of us take for granted.”

Daniel Louw, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5 said: “This is just such a beautiful and life-affirming film. We all need to be reminded that no matter what we’re facing, that adversity can really bring out the best in us. Natalie is the perfect teacher for that lesson.”

Tourette’s Teacher is one of a number of programmes BBC Studios has produced for Channel 5. Other recent commissions for the broadcaster include The Science of Sleep: How To Sleep Better, Why Do I Put on Weight? Chocolate Dreams: Inside Hotel Chocolat and The Bermuda Triangle Enigma. Since launching commercially in April 2017, BBC Studios Production has secured over 40 third-party commissions, winning work from broadcasters and services including Apple, Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Quibi, National Geographic, Discovery, NBC Universal, BBC America, Sky, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, RTE and UKTV.