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ITN Productions will continue to produce the Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 for the next three years.

The Jeremy Vine Show tackles topics ranging from politics and crime to parenting issues, moral dilemmas and showbiz stories, welcoming guests at the top of the news agenda alongside returning panellists who offer honest and engaging debate, while Storm Huntley presents calls and comments from viewers.

Ian Rumsey, Director of TV Production, ITN Productions, said: “This deal is a result of a number of factors: Jeremy Vine, one of the outstanding presenters of his generation who is able to engage viewers in diverse topics; the hard work and dedication of the entire team who deliver the shows every day; and of course our panellists and guests.

“Our partnership with Channel 5 means they entrust us with two hours of their airtime, 255 days a year – and we look forward to continuing to produce the programme for another three years.”

Jeremy Vine added: “I wanted to make this show fun — for the team, for me, and for the audience especially. It became more lively and more enjoyable than I could ever have expected! But the heart of it remains serious news, the values of ITN and Channel 5, and of course, the voice of our wonderful viewer. I hope we can grow the show even more in the next three years. I’m delighted to get this endorsement of our work. I love working with this team.”

Daniel Pearl, Commissioning Editor, Channel 5 said: “Having Jeremy Vine present our morning current affairs programme on Channel 5 is proving a huge hit with our viewers. Audiences are significantly up, as they welcome the engaging and inventive take on the news of the day. We look forward to continuing to work with Jeremy, Storm and ITN Productions over the next three years.”

In 2019, Jeremy Vine increased individual viewers by 19% and 16-34-year-olds by 11%. Engagement on social media platforms has also seen a significant increase over the last year with content across various platforms reaching over 85 million views and the overall online following increased by 24% during the first year on air.