Crimewatch Roadshow Live Returns to BBC One

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Crimewatch Roadshow Live is back on BBC One Daytime from Monday for three weeks, appealing to the public to help tackle everyday crimes and to crack some of the UK’s biggest unsolved cases.

New to the presenting line-up is reporter – and former South Wales Police officer – John Paul Davies.

Every weekday morning the programme will feature dramatic reconstructions of crimes, hoping viewers will call with vital information to help police investigations.

In studio, former detective Rav Wilding and co-presenter Michelle Ackerley will reveal the latest crime fighting science, gadgets and techniques. They’ll be calling on viewers to name more criminals caught on CCTV, and helping the police track down individuals featured in our daily wanted faces gallery.

Twelve years on from a tragic arson attack in Bolton, the team will hear from the woman whose mother and daughter were killed by the fire – as well as from the Greater Manchester Police team determined to bring those responsible to justice.

Currently marking its 130th year, the team will also find out about the police rehabilitation centre which helps injured and traumatised officers get back on their feet and back on the beat. And, as latest figures point to an increase in domestic violence, the team will be out with the police teams and trained professionals taking an innovative approach to helping victims trapped with their abusers during the pandemic.

The programme will take viewers behind the cordon to find out how police officers caught up with serial sex attacker Phillip Blackwell, 56, whose brazen X-Factor audition showed his mistaken confidence that he would never be caught for his crimes.

Rav says: “I’m so pleased to be bringing back a new series of Crimewatch Roadshow Live. It’s been an extremely challenging time for police and emergency teams during the pandemic and through lockdown, so any information our viewers can offer to help police investigations is more crucial than ever. It’s also hugely important to me to be able to remind people watching at home that police are more than just their uniforms – and to celebrate the heart-warming tales of officers going above and beyond the call of duty in these difficult circumstances.”

Michelle says: “I’m really looking forward to being back with the Crimewatch Roadshow Live team. It’s always an eye-opener discovering the incredible work emergency services and volunteer teams put in day in day out around the UK. And of course we’ll be asking for viewers’ help to solve really important crimes from all across the UK – including some really shocking Covid scams and lockdown offences. So, make sure you tune in – your call could be the one the officers are waiting for.”

New reporter, John Paul Davies, will be getting out and about across the UK finding out about the latest issues in law enforcement and beyond – as well as getting onto the scene of unsolved investigations and meeting the officers calling on the public to help them solve crimes. He’ll also be looking at the challenges which police and emergency teams are facing during the pandemic – and highlighting the Covid-crimes blighting the nation.

John Paul says: “Crimewatch Roadshow Live is one of those rare jewels in British television which, in partnership with the police and rescue services, makes a tangible difference in the lives of its viewers. Being involved in the production has reminded me of the countless acts of unrecognised daily heroism happening around the country – which keep our families safe. The determination, passion and perseverance of the emergency teams and volunteers we meet are genuinely inspirational. The programme’s appeals continue to turn the tide in many cases bringing relief and justice for victims of crime. I feel honoured to be playing a part in such a committed and important programme.”

Previous appeals on the programme have led to arrests for crimes including rape, drug dealing, fraud, grievous bodily harm, kidnap, burglary and murder and with viewers’ help the team hopes to collar even more criminals this year. Your call could be all it takes to put an offender behind bars

Crimewatch Roadshow Live is produced by BBC Studios’ Unscripted Productions for BBC One. The executive producer is Joe Mather and the series producer is Jenny Dafydd. The BBC Commissioning Editor is Julie Shaw.