Channel 4 Climbs Mount Everest with Ant Middleton

Channel 4 Climbs Mount Everest with Ant Middleton

Channel 4 has commissioned an enthralling documentary, “Everest” from independent production company, Parable.

The documentary followed Ant Middleton (SAS: Who Dares Wins & Mutiny) as he attempted to climb Everest for the first time – and became caught up in extreme weather conditions near the summit.

The film has been produced in association with Berocca and Parable have also captured 360 footage, which will be released alongside the main documentary.

Climbing Everest has become a hugely popular pursuit – and many climbers successfully summit each year. It’s been a life-long dream of Ant’s to climb the world’s most famous mountain. He trained for months in preparation for the ascent, and he made the carefully planned expedition accompanied by some of the best sherpas in the world and under the auspices of one of the most experienced climbing companies. But Everest is by its nature unpredictable, and no climb is risk- free: conditions can change rapidly without warning.

This film tells the story of Ant’s climb, starting from his arrival in Katmandu. It follows him on the trek up to Base Camp through the beautiful Khumbu Valley, to the strange world of Base Camp (a seasonal tented town at 5.300m), and sees him explore the extraordinary life of the Sherpas who bravely work in this unforgiving environment.

As well as the wonder and beauty of the environment, Ant also encounters the danger posed by the mountain, as he, his film director and sherpas get trapped in a sudden unforeseen storm near the summit and fears for their own lives.

The film is being directed by acclaimed director, Ed Wardle, one of the UK’s leading experts in filming in extreme environments.

David Wise, Parable’s CEO and the executive producer of the film, said, “This film will pack a real punch as we see Everest through Ant Middleton’s eyes – combining adventure, adrenaline and travelogue with the unpredictability and danger posed by extreme weather at high altitude”.

Ant Middleton said, “Since I was 16 years-old, I’ve dreamed of reaching the summit of Everest. Nothing could have prepared me for the conditions I faced… but I respect the mountain and its extremes are part of what I wanted to experience for myself”.

Alf Lawrie, Commissioning Editor added; “Ant Middleton is one of Channel 4’s most engaging, charismatic and inspirational presenters and in this film viewers will see him in a new light – raw and stripped back, as he takes on one of the most iconic adventures in the world”.

Vicky Keenan, Berocca Head of Marketing added “To climb Everest is the ultimate physical and mental test of strength, energy and endurance so we were delighted to support Ant in helping him to fulfil his awe-inspiring ambition.”