Comedian Joe Lycett Gets BBC One Quiz Show

Comedian Joe Lycett Gets Channel 4 Series

Birmingham comedian Joe Lycett will host a new Saturday evening quiz show on BBC One called “The Time it Takes”.

What takes longer – unwrapping every sweet in a family pack of a popular butter flavoured sweet, completing a Rubik’s cube underwater or deflating an air bed and putting it back into its original box?

These are the kinds of scenarios the contestants must choose from as timers on new Saturday night teatime quiz, The Time It Takes.

The challenger who gets the most questions right in their given timescale, will be one step closer to winning a dream holiday. But all is not completely lost for the player with the lowest score, as they will receive a very special The Time It Takes Tea Towel before leaving the show.

Award-winning comedian Joe Lycett will be fronting this riotous new BBC One quiz show with assistance from the referee. Made by Hat Trick, one of the UK’s most successful independent production companies, The Time It Takes is set to be a vibrant and gleeful treat of a show, full of organised chaos, jeopardy, judgement and, most importantly, fun and laughs throughout the four action-packed rounds.

Alongside the time it takes the referee to do weird and wonderful tasks, and the downright mundane everyday ones, there will also be a chance for audiences to discover how long it takes some of the UK’s favourite celebrities to enact certain assignments.

Joe Lycett says: “Never before has so much relied on someone knowing how long a kettle takes to boil. The Time It Takes is one of the most brilliantly daft shows I’ve ever been involved in – and that’s saying something.”

The Time It Takes is produced by Hat Trick Productions for BBC One. The Series Producer is Meriel Beale and the Executive Producer is Richard Wilson. The Commissioning Editor for the BBC is Jo Street.

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