The term “News on News” is a registered trademark of NewsFinders, the operator of this website.

The trademark, registration number UK00002603494, was registered with the Intellectual Property Office on 6th December 2011, and granted on 30th March 2012.

The trademark “News on News” may only be used with the written permission of News on News, and may then only be used within the scope of the permission granted by News on News.

News on News reserves the right to request evidence of the use of the trademark when permission is granted, and reserves the right to withdraw the permission at any time.

It is a key interest of News on News to avoid confusion that can arise when the News on News name and trademarks are used so as to create the false impression of a News on News connection or endorsement.

Changing the appearance of a News on News trademark or adding something to it does not mean that you are free to use the trademark without our permission.