Thomas Cole Gets Set To Release Debut Album ‘Late To Bloom’

Thomas Cole Gets Set To Release Debut Album ‘Late To Bloom’

On September 29th, New York City singer-songwriter Thomas Cole will release his debut album, ‘Late To Bloom’. Cole’s rise, fuelled by highly engaging singles like ‘Up in Smoke’ and ‘Execute the Vision’, sets the way for a dance-infused pop album that will have you hooked, and the vinyl is available to pre-order now!

With 11 tracks, ‘Late To Bloom’ demonstrates Thomas’ commitment to music. It combines heart-tugging storylines with the throbbing rhythms of the dance floor. Also, the plethora of sounds and hooks that emerge as the album proceeds create a unique journey unlike any other!

Producer, Electropoint also lends his Midas touch to the record, elevating the production to an echelon of its own. The resulting auditory opulence transcends all boundaries, fusing innovation with Thomas’s vocal allure and setting the stage for a truly epic listening encounter.

Also, ‘Late To Bloom’ features several artists, including Nathanael Hall, EJ Garlands, and Lizzie Allyn. Additionally, Thomas unveils two unreleased songs, ‘This World & The Next’ and ‘Pass The Baton’, which add to the impressive discography already laid down.

As the eagerly anticipated release date of ‘Late ToBloom’ draws near, the album’s excitement continues to grow. Don’t miss out on the pre-order opportunity forthe vinyl, which is available now. Also, brace yourself to be captivated on September 29th, when the album becomes available for streaming across all major platforms.

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