The sandman chewed bubblegum (pop) in Delila’s third single, Sex Dreams

The sandman chewed bubblegum (pop) in Delila’s third single, Sex Dreams

The NY Pop prodigy, Delila, left the airwaves on a sugar rush by unveiling her latest feat of sticky-sweet ear candy, Sex Dreams, on June 28th.

With a touch of luxe bubble gum pop in the same vein as Marina and the Diamonds and Icona Pop-esque dance-worthy rhythms fused with Delila’s seductive yet soulfully pure lyrical juxtaposition, Sex Dreams, with all its glittery pink tonal hues and impassioned flavour, is a radio-ready earworm worth spinning all summer and beyond.

After Delila wrote the song and recorded the vocals with John Arbuckle at Cove City Sound Studios, the hit was polished by the production team, Supperclub.

Delila said:

Sex Dreams is about an off-and-on long-distance relationship, which left us mostly communicating over the phone. After a long period of not speaking, I received a text asking me if I was manifesting them because they couldn’t stop thinking about me, and I was in all their dreams. I wrote the song to say, “listen to yourself and be with me”.

Amelia Vandergast, the Executive Editor at A&R Factory said:

Building an infectiously electrifying pop hit around real emotion is more than what artists with decades of experience in the industry can achieve. The sincerity resonates through the vibrantly honeyed euphoria in Sex Dreams while the production gives Taylor Swift’s discography a run for its money.

A&R Factory

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