The Oh Boys To Release New Song “Cry Me To The Moon” on July 12

The Oh Boys To Release New Song "Cry Me To The Moon" on July 12

Chicago, IL – [July 5] – The Oh Boys are thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, “Cry Me To The Moon on July 12,” a happy/sad love song that expertly blends catchy melodies with poignant storytelling. This new track captures the essence of 60s pop duos like the Everly Brothers, Simon & Garfunkel, and Lennon & McCartney, while delivering a fresh and modern twist.

“Cry Me To The Moon” is an evocative exploration of desire, anxiety, and heartache. With a melody that is both catchy and uplifting, the lyrics tell a contrasting story of the fear of reopening past wounds while falling for someone new. In the spirit of timeless classics such as the Everly Brothers’ “Bye Bye Love,” The Oh Boys have created a song that resonates on multiple levels, engaging listeners both musically and emotionally.

The song was conceived during a songwriting challenge posed by Kieran McCabe to Zachary Stevenson while they were working on another project, “Dynamic Duos of the 60s.” This show features songs by iconic duos from the 60s, and the challenge was to create a song that could seamlessly fit into this nostalgic repertoire. Kieran recalls, “I asked Zach if he thought he could write a song that could fit in seamlessly with the other 60s duo songs we were singing. A couple days later, he sends me a voice memo with this. I was blown away.”

Zachary Stevenson, reflecting on the songwriting process, said, “I set out to write a song where it’s hard to distinguish the melody from the harmony, much like some of the early Beatles and Everly Brothers songs. I’m happy with how it turned out.”

Well, you won’t hear The Oh Boys crying about this one any time soon. “Cry Me To The Moon” has fast become a signature at their live shows, where audiences eagerly sing along, even on their first listen. The song’s infectious energy and heartfelt lyrics have quickly made it a fan favorite.


About The Oh Boys:

The Oh Boys, comprised of Kieran McCabe, Zachary Stevenson, and Shaun Whitley, are a Chicago-based trio that brings a vintage-inspired powerhouse of Pop, Rock, Folk, and Doo-Wop to the stage. Known for their tight harmonies, inventive arrangements, and poignant lyrics, The Oh Boys deliver live performances that are engaging, entertaining, and full of humor and spontaneity. Their melodic storytelling captivates audiences, earning them acclaim far and wide.

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