The Next Chapter in TIME’s Digital Transformation

The Next Chapter in TIME’s Digital Transformation

We are expanding access to our trusted guidance and information on

At TIME we believe trusted information should be available to everyone, everywhere, regardless of where they live or what they can afford to pay. For 100 years that has been our mission–to serve as the world’s storyteller, shining a light on the people and the ideas that shape it.

TIME is starting a new chapter in this history: We are offering audiences around the world free access to, including TIME’s archives dating back to 1923, beginning June 1.

Our goal is simple: work in the service of truth and progress as humanity’s trusted guide. Expanding free access to for readers worldwide—including our current audience of 105 million, the largest in our history—ensures that we are doing our part to eliminate barriers and improve the world.

When it comes to digital inclusion, there is no leader more focused on bringing access to mobility than Hans Vestberg, Chairman and CEO of Verizon, who inspired and supported TIME in this new initiative. When it comes to freedom of information, he says it best: “It is a human right to be connected.” As a pioneer of digital inclusion, Hans is committed to getting one billion of the world’s most marginalized people connected by 2025.

Hans has partnered with the World Economic Forum’s Edison Alliance with the clear focus on getting more and more people around the world digitally connected. In the first three years there’s been much success but he believes that the program and the work never ends until everyone is connected on this earth.

TIME, like Verizon, fundamentally believes that access to trusted information is a global imperative and should be available to everyone.

This has been a personal commitment of mine and I’m so proud to see it come to life. Information is the backbone of democracy and it is our job to provide easy and free access to trusted content–to everyone, everywhere.

Watch more of my conversation with Hans above.

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