‘The Backrooms’: the Unmissable New Release From byDJBLVD

'The Backrooms': the Unmissable New Release From byDJBLVD

byDJBLVD unleashes his new House track, ‘The Backrooms,’ via Smashing Trax, a sublabel of Pogo House Records. Adding another unmissable track to his rapidly growing collection of music, byDJBLVD showcases his powerful signature sound and impressive talents with this latest release; funky in vibes and groovy in character, ‘The Backrooms’ is sure to capture attention, becoming a sonic staple guaranteed to energise dancefloors with its bold basslines and colourful melodies.

There seems to be no stopping byDJBLVD as he keeps his drive and momentum high, continually striking back with high-quality music for his listeners to enjoy. Having released numerous stellar productions over the last year, byDJBLVD is fast gaining traction, quickly cementing himself as a noteworthy talent within Electronic Music. Known for a sound that blends elements across genres like Funk, Jazz, and Soul, byDJBLVD has breathed a refreshing energy into the genre, revitalising Electronic Music with his infectious grooves and colourful sonic vibrancy. Now, the talented Producer and DJ presents the next instalment in his fascinating musical journey with the release of ‘The Backrooms’: delivering a sonic adventure infused with his distinct blend of Funk and Jazz, as well as incorporating his influences of Garage, this new track appears unmissable for both fans of byDJBLVD and those looking to discover the freshest sounds currently emerging from Electronic Music.

‘The Backrooms’ begins with a thumping beat and rhythmic processed vocal samples; as the track starts to build, the soundscape becomes layered with a funky chordal line, uplifting piano hits and a groovy bassline. Then a catchy melodic hook enters to intensify the jazzy quality of the track, as a spoken vocal sample joins the mix to guide listeners through the breakdown. Delivering infectious energy inherently funky in its nature, ‘The Backrooms’ emerges as an exciting listen, one that is sure to become a firm favourite for followers of byDJBLVD.

With a uniqueness rooted in his very essence as byDJBLVD, this Producer and DJ has firmly established a sound unlike any other within the Electronic Music realm; as he promises to continue innovating and experimenting with his creativity, taking listeners to new groovy heights, byDJBLVD is one to keep watching. So, don’t forget to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date on new releases and live shows. ‘The Backrooms’ is out now via Smashing Trax and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.

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