Susannah George named gulf bureau chief

Susannah George named gulf bureau chief

Announcement from International Editor Douglas Jehl, Deputy International Editor Jennifer Amur and Middle East Editor Jesse Mesner-Hage:

We’re very happy to announce that Susannah George will become gulf bureau chief, leading coverage of the oil-rich monarchies of the Persian Gulf and their neighbor, Iran.

Susannah has spent the last four years as Afghanistan-Pakistan bureau chief, covering the fall of the Afghan government, the ignominious U.S. withdrawal, and the triumphant return of the Taliban to power. She is well positioned to shift her sights to the Persian Gulf, another rapidly changing region that is central to U.S. and global security.

A tenacious reporter, Susannah is also an effective leader who helped to orchestrate the emergency evacuation of our Afghan employees and their families who fled in August 2021 as security in Kabul collapsed. She began her career as a producer and editor for National Public Radio, reporting from Egypt, Libya, Bahrain and Tunisia during the Arab Spring, and headed the Associated Press’s Baghdad bureau from 2015 to 2018. Before joining The Post in 2019, she covered national security and intelligence from the AP’s Washington bureau.

In her new role, we expect that Susannah will be based in Dubai as part of a Middle East team that also includes Post correspondents based in Beirut, Cairo, Istanbul and Jerusalem. She will prioritize coverage that illuminates the transformations within Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and other gulf states, as well as the ways in which they are using their money and power to carve out increasingly influential roles on the world stage. She will also take responsibility for coverage of Iran, the region’s other major military power and one whose tensions with gulf neighbors have long been a flashpoint.

Susannah is a graduate of George Washington University, with a bachelor’s in international affairs. She speaks Arabic. She will begin her new role immediately.

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