“Survivors of The Kraken Release New Album ‘Amid Life Crises’ Recorded in Analog Glory”

"Survivors of The Kraken Release New Album 'Amid Life Crises' Recorded in Analog Glory"

Survivors of The Kraken, the intrepid rock band hailing from Providence, Rhode Island, announces the release of their highly anticipated album, “Amid Life Crises.” Recorded between November 2022 and June 2023 at subModern Audio in Providence, Rhode Island, “Amid Life Crises” is a testament to the band’s resilience, creativity, and growth.

In an age where digital recording dominates the music industry, Survivors of The Kraken took a bold step backward in time, immersing themselves in the analog world of subModern Audio. Renowned for its vintage equipment and timeless atmosphere, subModern Audio provided the perfect backdrop for the band to craft their music authentically. Living and breathing creativity for over a year within the studio’s walls, the band members – Allan Furtado, Brian Decoteaux, and Justin Marra – forged a record that defies modern conventions.

“We wanted to make a record the way they used to be made,” explains the band. “We truly wrote the record together in the studio, which is something you read about as a kid in Guitar World, but may never experience. When you enter the control room, it’s a little magical.”

“Amid Life Crises” was meticulously recorded to 2” tape and mixed down to 1/4” without the use of computers. Rejecting the constraints of digital production, the band embraced imperfection, spontaneity, and the occasional happy accident. The result is a collection of songs that pulsate with raw energy and authenticity.

The album’s themes delve deep into the human experience, exploring the journey of growth and self-discovery amidst life’s tumultuous twists and turns. From the exuberance of youth to the sobering realities of adulthood, “Amid Life Crises” navigates the complexities of dreams, achievements, and the unforeseen challenges that shape our lives.

Survivors of The Kraken, known for bending genres, textures, tones, and notes, have crafted a record that transcends boundaries and resonates with listeners on a profound level. With influences ranging from rock to folk to alternative, the band’s eclectic sound captivates audiences and leaves them hungry for more.

“Amid Life Crises” marks a triumphant second act for Survivors of The Kraken, two decades after their inception. Having survived both onstage implosions and mythical sea creature encounters, the band emerges stronger than ever, ready to conquer the music scene with their distinctive blend of passion and perseverance.

For more information on Survivors of The Kraken and their latest album, “Amid Life Crises,” visit their official website at www.survivorsofthekraken.com. The album will be available on March 22 on all major streaming platforms.

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