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For the first time since 2004, the National Hockey League (NHL) returns to The Walt Disney Company, airing on ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu and ABC.

ESPN’s industry-leading collection of television and direct-to-consumer streaming platforms will showcase the world’s best hockey beginning with a season-opening doubleheader on October 12th.

The 2021-2022 season will showcase 103 exclusive regular season games across ESPN, ESPN+, Hulu and ABC. In addition, more than 1,000 out-of-market games will be available on ESPN+.

Beginning October 12th, ESPN, ESPN+ and Hulu become the destination for Tuesday night hockey throughout the regular season. ESPN+ and Hulu will also showcase an exclusive game every Friday night until January, then every Thursday night for the remainder of the regular season. ABC will regularly carry Saturday games beginning in February.


The 2021 NHL FaceOff will feature a doubleheader matchup on ESPN with the early game showcasing the Pittsburgh Penguins against the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning at 7:30 p.m. ET, followed by the Seattle Kraken’s franchise debut against the Vegas Golden Knights at 10 p.m. ET. Both matchups will be simulcast on ESPN+.


Opening week on ESPN+ will feature the Minnesota Wild taking on the Anaheim Ducks on Friday, October 15. Momentum continues into the second week of the season beginning Tuesday, October 19, when the Colorado Avalanche and former first overall pick Nathan MacKinnon travel to the nation’s capital to take on Alex Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals. On Friday, October 22, the Boston Bruins will travel to Buffalo to take on the Sabres in a divisional matchup. A historic Saturday night in Seattle caps off the second week of the regular season on ESPN+ and Hulu when the Seattle Kraken take the ice in Climate Pledge Arena for the first time in franchise history against their border rivals, the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday, October 23.

Each Tuesday in 2021, October 19 through December 28, ESPN+ will host at least one exclusive matchup with highlights including the Tampa Bay Lightning versus the St. Louis Blues on November 30, the New York Rangers versus the Colorado Avalanche on December 14, the Washington Capitals versus the Philadelphia Flyers on December 21 and the 2021 Stanley Cup Final rematch between the Montreal Canadiens and the Tampa Bay Lightning on December 28.

Additional Friday game highlights include the Colorado Avalanche versus the Seattle Kraken on November 19, the New York Rangers versus the Boston Bruins on November 26 and a Sidney Crosby-Alex Ovechkin matchup on December 10 between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Washington Capitals.

ESPN+ continues its premier slate in 2022 with Tuesday and Thursday night matchups through the remainder of the 2021-22 regular season. Highlights include: Colorado Avalanche at Chicago Blackhawks on Tuesday, January 4, Pittsburgh Penguins at Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, January 6, Washington Capitals at Boston Bruins on Thursday, January 20, Minnesota Wild at Detroit Red Wings on Tuesday, March 8, and the new-look Florida Panthers with Joe Thornton take on the San Jose Sharks on March 15 as Thornton returns to San Jose after spending 15 seasons as a Shark. In a Thursday night doubleheader on March 24, the St. Louis Blues host the Philadelphia Flyers, followed by the Chicago Blackhawks taking on the Los Angeles Kings at the STAPLES Center.

In April, ESPN+ will feature the following match ups: Pittsburgh Penguins at New York Rangers on Thursday, April 7, the Boston Bruins at St. Louis Blues on Tuesday, April 19, the Philadelphia Flyers at Chicago Blackhawks on Monday, April 25, as the only NHL game that day, and a Connor McDavid-Sidney Crosby showdown between the Edmonton Oilers and Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday, April 26. The final game of the ESPN+ schedule will feature the two-time defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning taking on the New York Islanders on Thursday, April 28, in a rematch of the 2021 Stanley Cup Semifinals.

Additionally, ESPN+ will stream more than 1,000 out-of-market games, all as part of an ESPN+ subscription.

ESPN+ and Hulu game schedule

DateTime (ET)NetworkTeams
Oct 1510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Anaheim
Oct 197 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Washington
Oct 227 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBoston vs. Buffalo
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluLos Angeles vs. Dallas
Oct 2310 p.m.ESPN+/HuluVancouver vs. Seattle
Oct 268:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. Nashville
Oct 297 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. Detroit
Nov 210 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Anaheim
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. San Jose
Nov 510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Anaheim
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Los Angeles
Nov 97 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. New Jersey
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSeattle vs. Vegas
Nov 127 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Buffalo
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Chicago
Nov 167 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Islanders vs. Florida
8:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Dallas
Nov 1910 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Seattle
Nov 238:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Dallas
Nov 263:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Rangers vs. Boston
6 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Nashville
Nov 307 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. New Jersey
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluTampa Bay vs. St. Louis
Dec 39:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluVegas vs. Arizona
Dec 77 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Detroit
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluAnaheim vs. Buffalo
Dec 107 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. Washington
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. New Jersey
Dec 148 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Minnesota
9 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Rangers vs. Colorado
Dec 178 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDallas vs. St. Louis
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Anaheim
Dec 217 p.m.ESPN+/HuluWashington vs. Philadelphia
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Seattle
Dec 287 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMontreal vs. Tampa Bay
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. San Jose
Jan 48:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColorado vs. Chicago
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNY Islanders vs. Seattle
Jan 67 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. Philadelphia
Jan 1110:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. San Jose
Jan 137 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. Carolina
Jan 174 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMontreal vs. Arizona
Jan 187 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. NY Islanders
Jan 207 p.m.ESPN+/HuluWashington vs. Boston
Jan 257 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDallas vs. New Jersey
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Seattle
Jan 277 p.m.ESPN+/HuluLos Angeles vs. NY Islanders
Feb 17 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. NY Rangers
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. Vegas
Feb 247 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. Florida
Mar 17 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNew Jersey vs. Columbus
Mar 47 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Buffalo
Mar 77:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluToronto vs. Columbus
Mar 87:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluArizona vs. Detroit
Mar 107 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Detroit
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluAnaheim vs. Nashville
Mar 1510:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. San Jose
Mar 1710 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSan Jose vs. Los Angeles
10:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluFlorida vs. Vegas
Mar 2210:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluNashville vs. Los Angeles
Mar 248 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPhiladelphia vs. St. Louis
10 p.m.ESPN+/HuluChicago vs. Los Angeles
Mar 2510 p.m.ESPN+/HuluSeattle vs. Anaheim
Mar 297 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Tampa Bay
Mar 317 p.m.ESPN+/HuluColumbus vs. NY Islanders
Apr 57 p.m.ESPN+/HuluCarolina vs. Buffalo
8 p.m.ESPN+/HuluMinnesota vs. Nashville
Apr 77 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPittsburgh vs. NY Rangers
7:30 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBuffalo vs. Carolina
Apr 147 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Carolina
Apr 198 p.m.ESPN+/HuluBoston vs. St. Louis
Apr 217 p.m.ESPN+/HuluDetroit vs. Florida
Apr 258 p.m.ESPN+/HuluPhiladelphia vs. Chicago
Apr 267 p.m.ESPN+/HuluEdmonton vs. Pittsburgh
Apr 287 p.m.ESPN+/HuluTampa Bay vs. NY Islanders


ESPN will carry 18 exclusive regular-season games beginning with the NHL FaceOff on Opening Night. ESPN will air an exclusive game each Tuesday throughout October. On October 19, ESPN focuses on former first overall pick and three-time Stanley Cup Champion Patrick Kane in the Chicago Blackhawks’ home opener at the United Center against the New York Islanders at 8 p.m. ET. The following Tuesday, October 26, the Vegas Golden Knights travel to take on the 2021 President’s Trophy winners, the Colorado Avalanche. ESPN will carry three Thursday night matchups in January, beginning on Thursday, January 6, with the Minnesota Wild traveling to Boston to take on the Bruins. The following two Thursdays on ESPN feature the Philadelphia Flyers at the Boston Bruins, followed by the Colorado Avalanche taking on the Los Angeles Kings on Thursday, January 20.

In February, ESPN will also carry the 2022 NHL All-Star Skills Competition on Friday, February 4 in primetime from Las Vegas. Following the Winter Olympic Break, as the regular season pushes towards the playoffs, ESPN ramps up its coverage with three doubleheaders in the month of April. On Tuesday, April 12, the Philadelphia Flyers take on the Washington Capitals followed by the Tampa Bay Lightning at the Dallas Stars. The following week on Thursday, April 21, the NHL’s 2021 leading goal scorer Auston Mathews and the Toronto Maple Leafs travel to Tampa Bay to take on the Lightning, followed by the St. Louis Blues at San Jose Sharks. Rounding out ESPN doubleheaders on Tuesday, April 26, the New York Islanders take on the Washington Capitals followed by St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche.

ESPN game schedule

DateTime (ET)NetworkTeams
Oct 127:30 p.m.ESPN/ESPN+Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
10 p.m.ESPN/ESPN+Seattle Kraken vs. Vegas Golden Knights
Oct 198 p.m.ESPNNew York Islanders vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Oct 268 p.m.ESPNVegas Golden Knights vs. Colorado Avalanche
Jan 67 p.m.ESPNMinnesota Wild vs. Boston Bruins
Jan 137 p.m.ESPNPhiladelphia Flyers vs. Boston Bruins
Jan 209:30 p.m.ESPNColorado Avalanche vs. Los Angeles Kings
Feb 247 p.m.ESPNWashington Capitals vs. New York Rangers
Mar 39 p.m.ESPNBoston Bruins vs. Vegas Golden Knights
Mar 247 p.m.ESPNDallas Stars vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Apr 127 p.m.ESPNPhiladelphia Flyers vs. Washington Capitals
9:30 p.m.ESPNTampa Bay Lightning vs. Dallas Stars
Apr 148 p.m.ESPNMinnesota Wild vs. Dallas Stars
Apr 1910 p.m.ESPNLos Angeles Kings vs. Anaheim Ducks
Apr 218 p.m.ESPNToronto Maple Leafs vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
10:30 p.m.ESPNSt. Louis Blues vs. San Jose Sharks
Apr 267 p.m.ESPNNew York Islanders vs. Washington Capitals
9:30 p.m.ESPNSt. Louis Blues vs. Colorado Avalanche


ABC will carry 10 regular season games, including the 2021 Thanksgiving Showdown between the St. Louis Blues and the Chicago Blackhawks on Friday, November 26.  Additional highlights include the 2022 All-Star Game on Saturday, February 5 from Las Vegas. Beginning February 26 – following the Winter Olympic break – ABC will host a weekly Saturday NHL game throughout the remainder of the regular season. The first of nine Saturday matchups will feature the New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins. Additional highlights include a powerhouse matchup of Alex Ovechkin’s Washington Capitals versus Sidney Crosby’s Pittsburgh Penguins on Saturday, April 9.

All ABC games will be simulcast on ESPN+.

ABC Broadcast Schedule

DateTime (ET)NetworkTeams
Nov 261 p.m.ABC/ESPN+St. Louis Blues vs. Chicago Blackhawks
Feb 53 p.m.ABC/ESPN+2022 NHL All-Star Game
Feb 263 p.m.ABC/ESPN+New York Rangers vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Mar 53 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Flyers
Mar 123 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Philadelphia Flyers vs. Carolina Hurricanes
Mar 198 p.m.ABC/ESPN+New York Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Lightning
Mar 263 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Chicago Blackhawks vs. Vegas Golden Knights
Apr 23 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Colorado Avalanche
Apr 93 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Washington Capitals vs. Pittsburgh Penguins
Apr 163 p.m.ABC/ESPN+Minnesota Wild vs. St. Louis Blues
Apr 233 p.m.ABC/ESPN+New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins

Stanley Cup Playoffs

The NHL’s Stanley Cup Final and Stanley Cup Playoffs action will return to the ABC and ESPN networks – including exclusive coverage of the Stanley Cup Final in four of the seven years of the deal – beginning with the 2021-22 season. Additionally, in each season of the agreement, ESPN and ABC will have live, exclusive coverage of one Conference Final series and half of all First Round and Second Round games from the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

In March, The Walt Disney Company, ESPN and the National Hockey League announced a historic and innovative seven-year television, streaming and media rights deal, beginning with the 2021-2022 season and continuing through the 2027-28 season.