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ESPN Radio in October saw its audience in the men 25-54 demographic in PPM markets on terrestrial radio increase 7 percent over 2018 during the 6am-6pm (ET) weekday hours.

The positive growth was aided by a time spent listening also increasing by 7 percent.

ESPN Radio’s The Will Cain Show continues to see very significant year-over-year audience growth on terrestrial radio in PPM markets in part due to recent additions to local lineups including ESPN Radio in Los Angeles. That success contributed to the show seeing a 12 percent increase across all platforms for M25-54 from the same time period in 2018.

In Oct., Golic and Wingo saw a monthly increase across platforms with M25-54 of 13 percent from Sept. 2019. The show was also up 13 percent and 11 percent for its ESPNEWS simulcast and terrestrial radio in PPM markets from the previous month, respectively.

The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz saw a significant 25 percent increase in Oct. over Sept. on terrestrial radio and a 7 percent audience gain month over month across platforms for M25-54.

ESPN Podcasts also set a new record with a verified unique audience of 8.1 million. The total represents an increase of 27% over October 2018 and is the 10th consecutive month of year-over-year growth. Last month’s record was 7.5 million.

The leading driver behind the growth was Fantasy Focus Football which enjoyed a 25% increase, adding 319,000 uniques and growing to 1.6 million, its second most uniques ever.

Also of note and a sign of the public’s great anticipation for the new season, NBA podcasts performed particularly well. In fact, The Lowe Post averaged 666,000 uniques, up 31% over last year.