Spectral Display Unleash New Single, ‘Slowly’

Spectral Display Unleash New Single, ‘Slowly’

Spectral Display, the iconic Dutch new wave group led by synthesizer virtuoso Michel Mulders, are back with new single, ‘Slowly’.

The group first took the world by storm in 1982 with their chart-topping hit, ‘It Takes a Muscle to Fall in Love’, embraced by audiences in 13 countries. Over the years, the band’s unique sound and musical evolution have continued to captivate, solidifying their status as genre pioneers.

‘Slowly’ is a delivery that blends electronic elements with a fusion of pop and Latin influences. It features the band’s signature synth-driven soundscapes, complemented by foot-tapping drum hits, funky rhythms, and soul-stirring vocals. The result is a feel-good ear- worm that’s impossible to resist, an invitation to dance and lose yourself in music.

Written by Michel Mulders and Henri Overduin and brought to life by the incredible vocal talents of Prince Chapelle and Lachi, ‘Slowly’ delves deep into the intricacies of communication and connection. The lyrics encourage listeners to look beyond words and into the fire of the eyes for genuine understanding—a reminder that emotions often transcend spoken language.

Having previously garnered airplay on the esteemed BBC Radio 2, Spectral Display continue to reach greater heights, and ‘Slowly’ is a track that demands repeat plays! It’s now available for streaming, and you definitely don’t want to miss out on it!

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