Semark Invites Listeners to Discover the Lively Sounds of ‘Want Ur Love’

Semark Invites Listeners to Discover the Lively Sounds of 'Want Ur Love'

The UK-based Producer and DJ Semark unveils ‘Want Ur Love’: a brand-new House anthem poised to excite listeners, invigorating them with a driving soundscape punctuated by pounding beats and catchy melodies. As he sets about making a name for himself within Electronic Music, having already released several productions, including an official remix for Mollie Collins’ label, Right Good Records, Semark appears a promising talent to keep watching on the scene today, continually motivated by a passionate love for his craft and his boundary-pushing creativity.

During his musical journey so far, Semark has consistently showcased a determination to make his talents known: remaining ambitious as he seeks to take his unique sound to audiences far and wide. Having held several residencies at venues around the UK, as well as performing at the renowned Ministry of Sound in London, Semark is carving an exciting way within the genre today, maintaining his momentum as he now works to build out a catalogue of original productions. With a signature sound that sits between the nexus of House and Dance, bringing in nuances of 90s Dance, Semark’s style appears as a distinct symbol of his various influences and musical background, aiming to bring emotion and energy to ensure his music continues to connect and resonate with listeners.

As ‘Want Ur Love’ puts forward a captivating sound, introducing a compelling vocal line, Semark’s signature approach takes the spotlight, bringing emotion through uplifting melodic lines and intoxicating hooks whilst keeping the energy high with driving rhythms, thumping beats, and a powerful bassline. The chordal piano and bouncy synths add to the playful vibes of ‘Want Ur Love’ creating a sonic colour that continues to intensify as the track moves forward, building further with the incorporation of more details like pulsing lines and layered riffs. Bringing a party-starter energy that will surely motivate the dancefloors of his live performances, Semark’s latest track serves to showcase the potential of his talents, creativity, and style, delivering an infectious sound that seems poised to capture attention.

So, stay tuned and follow Semark across social media, as his upcoming releases, projects, and performances are no doubt not to be missed. ‘Want Ur Love’ is out now and is available to stream and download across platforms.

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