Reggie Boone Releases Powerful New Single “What’s Wrong”

Reggie Boone Releases Powerful New Single "What's Wrong"

ATLANTA, GA – May 17, 2024 – Renowned singer and songwriter Reggie Boone is set to release his stirring new single, “What’s Wrong,” a heartfelt plea addressing the rampant violence and loss of young lives around the globe. This poignant track, produced by the legendary Felton Pilate, aims to inspire unity and rekindle the love and guidance that once flourished in our communities.

“I wrote ‘What’s Wrong’ to touch on the senseless violence and murdering of young lives that is going on around the world today,” says Boone. “Where’s the love, leadership, and guidance that we once knew and shared? ‘What’s Wrong’ is a song penned straight from the heart. If I can help in any kind of way to stop the hatred and destruction of lives, I’m here for you. We need each other now more than ever before.”

“What’s Wrong” features:

Lead Vocals: Reggie Boone
Background Vocals: Reggie Boone and Felton Pilate
Saxophone: Al Bates
Music Arrangement: Felton Pilate
Recording Studio: Felstar Studio, Atlanta
Label: Momma Momma Music
Born in Kinston, North Carolina, Reggie Boone’s southern roots and church upbringing imbued him with a profound understanding of the power of music from an early age. His style is a smooth fusion of R&B/soul and gospel, deeply influenced by his faith. Boone aims to create music that resonates on an emotional and spiritual level, hoping to inspire listeners to love God and one another.

Boone’s previous single, “No More,” which tackles issues of social justice and racial inequality, garnered significant attention and acclaim, including over 70,000 views on its official video debut on @MichaelBaisdenLive. The track is part of his independent album “In A Perfect World,” released under Momma Momma Records.

Michael Baisden, a prominent media personality, praised Boone, stating, “I want to support artists like Reggie Boone, who, like the greats Marvin Gaye, Gill Scott Heron, and Curtis Mayfield, create music with a message.”

In addition to his music career, Reggie Boone is developing an online cooking show, “What’s Cooking with Reggie Boone and Chef Chenoa Douglass.” The show will blend culinary delights with engaging discussions on hot topics, music, and spiritual reflections.

Reggie Boone now resides in Atlanta, where he continues to draw inspiration from the city’s rich cultural landscape. When not creating music, he dedicates his time to meditation and supporting initiatives that promote healthy relationships between fathers and their families.

“What’s Wrong” is available on all digital platforms. Join Reggie Boone in spreading a message of love, unity, and hope through his powerful new single.

For more information, please visit Reggie Boone’s official website or follow him on social media.

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