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The BBC World Service will be in Tbilisi, Georgia, on 2nd July to record the world-renowned radio programme, The Arts Hour on Tour.

Host Nikki Bedi will be joined on stage by writers, artists and musicians to explore Tbilisi’s vibrant, young cultural scene where people are forging new artistic networks and opportunities.

Georgia is a country with a rich heritage and ancient artistic traditions, but it’s also very modern: Tbilisi has an exciting hip-hop scene and a fast growing film industry. Nikki will be finding out about the role artists are playing in creating a new sense of national identity for Georgia, which gained independence from the former Soviet Union in 1991.

Nikki’s guests include writer David Gabunia and artist Mariam Natroshvili, who has created a mobile museum she takes into people’s homes. There will be entertaining conversation, live comedy and musical performances from Moku Moku and Kayakata.

The programme will air on BBC World Service on Saturday 27 July and will be available on the BBC World Service website after that.

The Arts Hour on Tour is a monthly arts show exploring culture now in the great world cities. With live music, slam poetry, comedy performance, big name interviews and rich discussion, the series brings audiences up close to life as a local.

Members of the public can get free tickets to attend the recording on 2nd July by contacting the Liberty Theatre directly.

Date of recording: Tuesday 2nd July
Venue: Liberty Theatre, 2. Rustaveli ave, 0105, Tbilisi, Georgia
Time: 7pm start