BBC Radio Ulster Launches ‘Wild North And Warming’

BBC Radio Ulster

The threat from global climate change and ever decreasing bio-diversity has much of the international scientific community telling us that we can’t go on as we are.

There is no doubt the planet we live on is changing, but are we acting fast enough and with enough force to make a meaningful, positive change?

In a new six-part series on BBC Radio Ulster, Wild North And Warming, presenter Tessa Fleming asks how we fit into the changing global picture and the future we all could face.

Tessa says: “I spent most of my childhood climbing trees and getting familiar with the various insects and animals around me, not realising how important they all are to the world we live in. Climate change and reduced biodiversity can sometimes feel like a global issue that doesn’t affect us individually, but I felt it was really important for this series, not only to look at the incredible wildlife we have in Northern Ireland, but to look at how they are being impacted upon by the changes to our planet, and what we can do to protect and nurture our wildlife.”

Beginning on BBC Radio Ulster on Saturday 25 May at 10.30am, Tessa will be exploring the wealth and health of the animal life found in and around Northern Ireland, as well as the environment that supports it and how human interaction is threatening, yet also nurturing, its well being.

The series will also recognise and celebrate the green spaces which act as refuge for the increasingly threatened natural world around us, and each week teenage naturalist and conservationist Dara McAnulty will be sharing his passion for nature.

It also considers what we can all do to lessen our impact in a world overrun by human consumption, before it’s too late.