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Starting in November, Dros Ginio will be a news and current affairs service reflecting news in Wales and the world hosted by a team of experienced presenters on BBC Radio Cymru.

Taro’r Post makes way for the new programme. Some of the other half-hour programmes broadcast at lunchtime will also come to an end with Dros Ginio incorporating many of the subjects discussed in those programmes. Benbaladr and Stiwdio will be broadcast in the early evening as well as the repeat of Talwrn y Beirdd.

Dewi Llwyd will present on Monday and Friday, Jennifer Jones on Tuesday, Vaughan Roderick on Wednesday and Catrin Haf Jones on Thursday.

Rhuanedd Richards, Editor of BBC Radio Cymru, says: “If ever there was a need for a Welsh language programme to scrutinise the events around us, that time is now. We’re introducing a conversation for the nation at lunchtime to lift the lid on the day’s headlines. There will also be an opportunity to give the audience a voice and push for clear answers to the difficult questions to help us make sense of the world around us.

“We know, following conversations with our listeners, that they enjoy live programmes that can move quickly and respond to the news agenda. If it’s important to the people of Wales, we’ll give it airtime – from the latest Brexit discussions to the conversation on climate change.”

Dewi Llwyd, who will present Dros Ginio on Monday and Friday, says: “I count myself incredibly lucky to be offered an opportunity like this. Even after 40 years of broadcasting it’s always good to accept a new and exciting challenge. Presenting Post Prynhawn for seven years, especially in such turbulent times, has been an honour and this is another opportunity to delve into a range of subjects from politics to the arts, sport to business. I can’t wait.”

Jennifer Jones, who will present Dros Ginio on Tuesday, says: “It’s a real privilege to be back as part of the Radio Cymru team. Discussing the day’s events and hot topics will be top of the list, and putting those events in a political and social context. But we’ll also look at the lighter side of life and there’ll be plenty to make me and the listeners laugh over the course of two hours.”

Rhuanedd Richards says: “I’d like to thank Garry Owen and the team at Taro’r Post for all they’ve achieved over the years. Garry will continue to be a key member of the Radio Cymru news team and we’ll hear from him frequently. I’d also like to extend my thanks to the presenters and programme teams of the other lunchtime programmes.”